What Is Included In A Mental Health Directory

By Peter Schmidt

These days, awareness of mental health conditions has been going up due to rising number of suicide, depression, and anxiety cases being publicized. Because of this, there have been organizations that have been reaching out to people who have these conditions. Organizations have made this possible by including their names in a mental health directory.

As the mental health advocacy is still pretty young, there are still many people who are not aware of these directories. Just to give an idea, it is pretty much like a very big phone book that is most likely found online already. It would contain the information of organizations and individuals that work in the psychological field including their contact information such as phone number, email address, and more.

Now, one may most likely be quite familiar with the suicide hotline because these have been showing up on social media. These are hotlines that are aimed toward helping people who are feeling suicidal or are having some suicidal thoughts. These hotlines are listed in directories and would lead to a team of counselors on the other line.

Aside from just the suicide hotlines, organizations would also contain the contact information of various counseling services in the state. It would give the phone numbers, the addresses, other necessary contact information so that one can set an appointment. That way, one can visit a counselor if he or she is having feelings of depression or anxiety.

Other than counseling, there are also some centers that would provide actual psychological services such as psychological testing or psychotherapy. There are individual psychologists or certified centers that would be listed in the directories for people to inquire. This is suited for those who feel like they totally cannot control their mental health and need therapy.

If ever one already needs psychiatric help such as medicine or other forms of medical therapy, then there are also psychiatric clinics that are listed. Of course, it is still highly recommended first to go through a psychologist before seeking psychiatric help. Usually, the psychologist will be the one to refer a psychiatrist that he or she has worked with.

However, psychiatric centers are already provided in the listings. One may ask his or her psychologist if the psychiatric clinic or psychiatrist in the listings are recommended or not. In any case, it would actually be good to work together with the psychologist to get a good psychiatrist rather than just calling up the psychiatric services.

For those who are suffering from mental health issues, this directory can actually be extremely helpful. In fact, it is one of the best ways for countries to reach out to people who are silently suffering with their thoughts and bring them to a much brighter future. Most countries have their own respective directories that the citizens can access if any one of them would need to have professional health.

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