Understanding What Makes Standard Tattoos Different From Permanent Makeup Parkland

By Scott Wallace

If you would like to skip the time intensive routines of getting ready each morning, you should consider investing in cosmetic tattooing. A skilled artist can use natural pigment to improve facial features such as your lips and eyebrows. Even though the process of getting a standard tattoo and a cosmetic one will both involve injecting ink into the skin, there are certain key differences between these two services. If you want permanent makeup Parkland has a reliable number of skilled artists to offer.

Among the prime differences between permanent makeup and tattooing is in the materials and machines used. Chemical filled inks are used to create tattoos and high powered machinery helps to deliver this ink deep into the skin. When in need of a cosmetic procedure, the artist will use a hand applicator or a rotary machine to inject natural, chemical-free pigment into your skins outer layer.

The procedure of getting a cosmetic tattoo is quite gentle when compared to the process of getting regular tattoos. In this case, the professional will target the outer skin layer and this means that you will not be subjected too much pain. Then again, regular tattoos are permanent and can only be removed through an intensive removal process whose results cannot be guaranteed.

Cosmetic tattoos have limited longevity. After receiving a great service, the markings can remain on your skin for about five years with proper care. What is evident is that when you visit a permanent makeup artist, you will not be compelled to make lifetime decisions. Within five years, you can opt to alter your appearance or even remain free of cosmetic enhancements.

It remains imperative to ascertain that the service you get has the best chances of lasting for the intended life span. Whether you enhance the appearance of your eyebrows, get eyeliner or add color to your lips, you will be making a major investment. There are a few simple tips that can help ensure that the service you invest in serves you for about five years.

It will be necessary for you to use sun protection. This will protect the natural pigment used from premature fading. Experts recommend using a protective moisturizer or sunscreen, regardless of the season or time of the year. Also wear sunglasses and a hat during the heart of the summer and avoid the use of tanning beds.

Using exfoliation products can also contribute towards the premature fading of cosmetic tattoos. It is in your best interests to avoid these products because they promote cell turnover and remove dead skin cells. This can prematurely diminish the permanent makeup. Also steer clear of products with Retin-A because they again encourage cell turnover and this can negatively impact the tattoos.

Another tip that will come in handy is you should keep your body moisturized at all times. If your skin is moisture deprived, it may develop flakes and make the cosmetic tattoos appear cracked or faded. Invest in a quality moisturizer and also take not less than eight ounces of water each day. Of maintaining good looks is important to you, be sure to reduce the consumption of dehydrating drinks like alcohol and soda.

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