Top Albuquerque Therapist Explains The Warning Signs Of Suicidal Teens

By Robert Hughes

As a parent, you will live through your worst nightmare when you start suspecting that your child is suicidal. Normally, there are numerous reasons that could push a child to committing suicide and these reasons may have nothing to do with you or your family. It is hence important to immediately intervene and seek professional help the instant you notice certain telling signs. A competent Albuquerque therapist can provide the much needed mental health services to help your little one to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

It remains crucial for parents to always be on the lookout for red flags. One of the signs that would give you enough reason to get worried is worsening depression. Young people can get emotionally overwhelmed by school and peer pressure and this could throw them into chronic sadness and hopelessness. It remains crucial to seek treatment promptly and also receive tips on how to provide the much needed support.

Research shows that eight out of ten teens will give clear warning signs before committing suicide or attempting to take their lives. Normally, these teens will talk about suicide and will be preoccupied with thoughts about death and the various methods they can use to kill themselves. This would be a sign of being mentally unstable and you should hence see a mental health therapist immediately.

You should know that something is not right if your teenager is getting involved in risky activities. This could involve indulging in self-destructive behaviors such as immoral sex, reckless driving or even drug abuse. You have a reason to ask questions if your child is suddenly acting out of character.

If your teen is charged with driving under the influence, this is not an automatic indication that he or she wants to commit suicide. While this may be the case, you should not turn a blind eye, especially if you notice a series of reckless behaviors. A qualified and proficient therapist can help find ways to enhance the emotional well-being of your little one.

Sometimes, a child who once loved sports could suddenly decide to join a book club instead. If this happens, there would be no cause for alarm. You even so need to get worried if the kid in question has stopped having an interest in a range of beloved activities. If this happens, make a point of asking questions and letting your loved one know that they can count on you. If a situation seems to be getting out of hand quickly, do not postpone seeing a seasoned therapist.

Teenagers who no longer want to live could also sell or give away their possessions. If you find a good number of the favorite items of your child are missing, you should again not hold yourself back from asking uncomfortable questions. You must schedule for a visit to a therapist if the answers you get are not convincing or they leave you more confused.

The mental health of your child, just like his or her physical health, matters. There is no shame in admitting that something is amiss and quickly seeking the much needed mental health care. With the right assistance, it will not be long before your loved one recovers fully.

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