Top Albuquerque Therapist Describes Grieving In A Divorce And How To Get Over The Anguish

By Brenda Reynolds

Going through a divorce can be emotionally devastating. While the majorities of people will have a brave face for the public to see, the truth is that they will be falling apart inside. The emotions one experience during divorce are not so different from what is experienced when a loved one passes on. Unfortunately, love happens to be one of those emotions that cannot be switched off in an instant. If you are going through divorce grief, the need to talk to a competent Albuquerque therapist should not be underestimated.

While it may feel like you are at the end of the road, it is possible to come to terms with your new reality and take back your life. During the grieving process, the first stage will involve denial. Most people will be in a state of disbelief irrespective of whether or not they are sure that dissolving their marriage was the best thing to do. The truth is that all the fall of events will be challenging for your mind to grasp.

After denial, comes anger. This often kicks in after you begin accepting that your relationship has come to an end. It is common for people to blame others or even feel that things should have been different if it were not for one thing or another. Anger is also a byproduct of feeling the weight of the responsibilities that will not lie squarely on your back.

From this point comes the bargaining phase. Once the reality strikes you, you may now feel an urge to change the situation around. The majorities of people will get desperate and will hence take desperate measures to try saving their marriage or what is left of it. They may do some behavioral adjustments with the hopes of finding solutions. Unfortunately, even desperate acts may not bring about the desired results, especially when the marriage is already dead.

When bargaining fails to work, patients will now fall into despair and will experience an infinite feeling of hopelessness. They will want to spend time alone and will hence withdraw from beloved activities, friends and also relatives. This is when depression kicks in and one feels a deep sense of sadness and loss.

Finally, they create a coping mechanism and this allows them to accept the reality. Acceptance is not easy, though it is usually the final stage of grieving a divorce. This is when a person realizes that the only option they have is to move on. Even though acceptance will not make them heal, it gives them the strength to go ahead and initiate a divorce or sign the petition tabled by their spouses.

The sadness and hurting goes on even after the acceptance phase. However, patients also find themselves visualizing being happy in the future. By seeking help from an experienced therapist, you are likely to have a graceful time planning for the transition into a new chapter of your life.

Even though therapy may not save your marriage, it may save you from sinking into sorrows. This is regardless of who is to blame for the fact that your marriage was not a happy ever after story. A trained, competent and compassionate professional is just what you need to effectively heal and perhaps even invite new love into your life.

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