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By Frank Walker

The use of laser to treat pain is not a very old idea, but it is catching on as its popularity continues to rise. Using lasers to treat pain involves the use of Class IV lasers. The process itself is a photo chemical one. Because these lasers are usually very mild and cannot cause pain to the skin, they are referred to as cold lasers. Thousands of research studies have confirmed the clinical effects that cold lasers have on pain. When in need of Laser treatments Maple Grove MN should be visited.

The use of lasers increases the capability of cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients from the body. They also increase the capability of cells to pass out toxins and wastes that are generated. In addition to that, lasers make cells more permeable, something that helps in reducing pain, , inflammation, and swelling.

The photons from the lasers react with the chromophores found in the mitochondria of body cells. The reaction leads to the production of Adenosine TriPhosphate, usually abbreviated as ATP. ATP is a chemical energy that is responsible for stimulating rejuvenation and healing in the body. Thus, the aggregate effect of the lasers is improved healing and restoration of functions in the body.

A patient feels nothing or very little sensation when the treatment is being applied because of cold lasers being used. Some patients sometimes have an occasional mild, warm, and soothing feeling on the skin. During the treatment, one feels very relaxed and some patients even fall asleep not too long into the treatment. In some instances, some patients start experiencing pain after 6 to 24 hours of receiving treatment.

The pain felt by one is caused by the healing process beginning to occur. Every healing process begins with inflammation. Mostly, the pain occurs if the patient had chronic pain and often leads to the nerves being sensitized a lot. This pain is supposed to reduce in just a few days. However, the pains may persist for longer, but only in rare cases.

A typical treatment session will last about ten minutes. How long the treatment session lasts usually depends on how big the area that needs to be treated is. Acute conditions that cause significant pain may require being treated on a daily basis. The response of more chronic problems is better if treatment is administered 2 to 3 times in a week. How treatment is administered is usually decided on individual basis.

How many treatments one will need in order to feel better will usually depend on the nature of the illness being treated. Acute conditions may require between 2 and 6 treatments for one to feel better. More chronic conditions on the other hand may need 10 to 15 treatments. Severe arthritis and similar conditions usually need ongoing periodic care for best results.

There are some people who begin feeling better after having the first treatment. One should however feel some difference after between the second and the fourth treatment. The treatment has soothing effects that last longer even after administration of the treatment, which takes only a few minutes.

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