Proper Head Position For Sleep Apnea Can Help Ward Off Complications

By Diane Howard

At any give time, it's very important for the body's various tissues and organs to be supplied with all the oxygen molecules that they necessitate. Sadly, there is a sleeping disorder that can hinder such, and that is why health experts regard it as something very serious. Maintaining proper head position for sleep apnea is highly recommended in order to ward off the many complications linked to it.

Such condition can stress out your body a lot as it can keep you from having a restorative kind of sleep per night. This is why your blood pressure readings may wind up higher than normal. Having high blood pressure or hypertension can damage your heart and various other components of the cardiovascular system. Failure to manage it accordingly can significantly increase your stroke or heart attack risk.

Having high blood pressure all the time is known to cause massive damage to the kidneys, too. The problem with this is that the kidneys are incapable of regenerating themselves. Eventually, what's called end-stage renal disease may come into being. This requires the affected individual to regularly go through dialysis or undergo kidney transplant in order for him or her to stay alive.

The sleeping disorder, according to health authorities, may pave the way for heart disease. It's a terrifying problem most especially because it is known as the leading cause of death in the US and other countries, too. The problem with heart disease is that there are no prescription drugs or medical treatments that can reverse it. However, its progression can be prevented or slowed down.

It can be extremely challenging to keep heart disease from progressing if factors known to aggravate it are around. Needless to say, it's of utmost importance to deal with matters that can cause it to worsen. Too much stress, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake and sleep apnea are some very common examples.

Another problem with having the sleeping disorder is that it can increase your chance of winding up with diabetes. That's because failure to obtain plenty of restorative shut-eye each night is known to pave the way for insulin resistance. Your blood sugar levels can increase abnormally as a result of having insulin resistance. It's common knowledge that the presence of excessive amounts of sugar in the bloodstream is the main reason why diabetes shows up.

To date, there is no available cure for diabetes. It's because of this exactly why the disease is considered as a lifelong health concern. It is of utmost importance to manage the disease effectively. Otherwise, the many complications associated with it may come your way.

Unnecessary gaining of weight is a problem that may stem from sleep apnea, too. It can be blamed on mood swings and increased hunger associated with not getting enough shut-eye every single night. Health authorities say that being obese or overweight is also something that can in fact trigger or worsen the condition.

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