Keep Color Looking Best With A Gel Polish Starter Kit

By Barbara Brown

Many women have the need to keep their nails pretty for a job or at their residence, and the best items will help to create professional nails. The buyer will keep color looking best with gel polish starter kit that will provide a complete finish with all items included. These products help busy worker to do this beauty task at their residence.

An entire set has pieces that are necessary for the task to be completed during a day off, and a UV or LED lamp is included that is used to cure the gel applications. Both base and top coats assist in protecting nails and the color, and these liquids may be combined or in the kit as two individual bottles. The container will have numerous items for this task, and this includes gel cleanser, cuticle oil and primer.

The lady puts primer onto her clean nails, and the nails are then placed for 30 seconds under the lamp for curing. The user then goes on to place base and top coatings on the nail, and this also needs to be cured under a lamp for 30 seconds. The color goes on after the first steps, and the color will be deeper the longer the nail is under the lamp.

A second layer of color may be put on top of the first, and this will also need to be put under the lamp. Next, more base and top coat should be applied and cured, and the nails will be wiped down with gel cleanser on a lint free wipe to make the finish smooth. Cuticle oil is massaged into the nails with a small amount of this liquid, and the process will complete after this step.

The polish removal process is easy, and the user will need a nail file, cotton balls and acetone. A buffer will be used to remove shine from surfaces, and cotton balls should be soaked in acetone and put on nails. Foil is wrapped around fingers, and next the cotton balls and polish should easily be removed 15 minutes later.

Some women like to experiment and change nail colors weekly, and this is a price friendly way to do salon techniques. A well put together kit will cost less versus going to a salon every week, and some ladies will also love the lasting manicure look. The application is simple for many individuals to do at home, but the skills are easy and quick to learn.

A person may order more than one container, and these products make a great event for an evening with girlfriends. The party giver can demonstrate the steps, or instruction cards may be placed on various tables. The guests can be treated to drinks, and they will be sent home with a fresh manicure.

The classic colors are in the kit for users, and the consumer will enjoy placing the different colors on cleaned nails. A salon visit is always fun, but the cost to do this beauty routine is much less when done at a residence. A nail care schedule will last longer and cost less with a container.

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