How To Pass Your State Board Esthetician Practical Exam

By Thomas Sullivan

All cosmetology students have to complete the classroom hours before they sit for their final examination. This test is very important because it will decide the fate of the student. After successfully passing the test, you will be given a certification. This license will allow you to practice as a beautician in your locality. Usually, the requirements for the examination are different from one municipality to another. Hence, ensure you know the requirements of your district before the examination time. Also, you must do your best to pass this test. The steps below are meant to help you pass your State Board Esthetician Practical Exam.

To make sure you do not forget anything, you must continue to study until the day of the exam. You should also practice every day and set daily goals that you must do your best to achieve. Avoid friends that will try to distract you because time wasted cannot be recovered. Even if it seems too early, prepare as much as you can.

Sometimes, when studying, you will find that some things are very hard. Most people will avoid these things and concentrate more on what they understand best. Do not make the same mistake. Therefore, study everything, including the hardest things. You can start with the hardest subjects and finish with the easier ones. This way, your studying will seem easy, and you will have accomplished everything for the day.

You should study alone sometimes but try studying with your friends as well. This will reduce your boredom. More so, it will make studying to be fun. You can set goals with your friends and try to achieve them. For instance, you can decide to study for one or two hours, rest, then start discussing the concepts you have been reading. This will help you to grasp things better.

Practical examinations are not like written tests. They need everything to be put in order. This means that you must know every single step of performing a particular task. You must thus note down the steps without skipping any and make sure that they follow the right order. Memorizing is, therefore, a must. This may be hard, but if you practice, you can memorize all the steps.

All cosmetology tests must include sterilization. This is because this is a critical practice for all beauticians. You should thus know every step you need to do to sterilize your tools, hands, and work station. More so, you should be able to explain why sterilization is essential to you and your clients.

During the examination, it is essential to carry your Identification card and anything that you will need for the test. Also, make sure you read all the guidelines before you start answering any question. Additionally, be composed and confident because panicking will lead to silly mistakes that may reduce your points.

In case you fail to pass your first try, you should not feel disappointed. There is still a chance to try again. You can retake the test as many times as possible until you pass it. Therefore, do not let your first failure to weigh you down.

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