Fending Off Osteoporosis Via Weight Loss Los Altos CA Residents Should Obtain

By Andrew Watson

Osteoporosis is a disease wherein the bones of the sufferer end up thin and weak. This is exactly the reason why its primary complication is having fractures. It's a good thing that this serious and debilitating matter can be prevented rather easily. In order to keep it from showing up some time in the future, experts highly suggest weight loss Los Altos CA local residents should opt for.

Everyone knows that losing unnecessary body kilos is a highly effective way to drive away numerous heart-related problems. It's also something that can effectively lower one's odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Not too many people know that attaining a slimmer figure can in fact keep at bay so many other problems, and one of those is osteoporosis.

Various things can be blamed for the appearance of the said bone disease. One of those is hormonal imbalance that can easily be brought about by being obese or overweight. Having excess fat cells in the body is a major cause for concern as it can lead to hormonal imbalance trouble-free. Scientists confirm that fat cells can actually produce hormones.

A lot of problems may come into being as a result of improper balance of the hormones, and osteoporosis is just one example of those. Many are terrified of ending up being diagnosed with this disease because it is something that's strongly associated with fractures. Someone who is suffering from osteoporosis is at high risk of suffering from a hip fracture. The only way to deal with this serious problem is by undergoing hip replacement surgery, which is a very risky and pricey medical treatment.

It's true that both men and women may battle osteoporosis in the future. Sadly, scientists confirm that women are likelier to suffer from it. Such is primarily attributed to the medical fact that women's bones are simply thinner and smaller than the bones of men. Apparently, such biological feature leaves them at high risk of developing osteoporosis.

What's more, women are bound to face menopause in the future. This is something that can cause a sudden drop in the levels of the hormone estrogen. Health experts say that this chemical the body produces is tasked at carrying out various important roles, and one of them is maintaining optimum bone strength. Because menopause can cause a significant reduction in estrogen levels, the bones of women are placed in peril.

Definitely, attaining and maintaining a slimmer body can help fend off the bone disease. There are also other ways to keep it at bay. For instance, one must regularly consume foods that are excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D. Both nutrients are necessitated by the bones for them to remain strong.

Health professionals say that the importance of regularly working out in preventing osteoporosis cannot be stressed enough. Weight-bearing exercises are the best ones for the job. Some very good examples are playing volleyball, stair climbing, bicycling, trekking and jogging. To keep the bones out of harm's way, excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking should be avoided.

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