Factors To Consider Before Body Contouring Westchester County NY

By Paul Cox

It is considered utterly admirable when one looses weight rapidly. This can however be accompanied by considerable skin laxity of various parts of the body like the stomach, arms, thighs, chest, buttocks and even breasts. This can be very frustrating to patients as it cannot be improved with diet or even exercises. Contouring surgery is the often used procedure to get rid of this laxity where the skin is tightened and lifted. It is thus vital to know the factors to consider before Body Contouring Westchester County NY.

These procedures can improve your motivation and make you more determined to stay thin, they can also make clothes feel more comfortable, boost the physical confidence and self esteem and just generally improve the quality of life. Some of the inherent risks arising from these procedures are as highlighted below.

The most common type f body contouring is the stomach lift. This is because hanging skin on the stomach is the most noticeable for people who have undergone weight loss. A belt lipectomy as well as a panniculectommy can be performed. This will aid in tucking in the loose skin and the surgery scar will be hidden beneath the line of the underwear.

Another procedure that can be performed is the breast lift. This is quite a popular procedure among celebrities and television personalities. It is known as mastopexy and it generally includes removal of excess tissue at the top of ones breast. Once that excess skin is out of the way, the breast can now be lifted up and then reattached, thus reducing the droopy appearance of the breasts.

Another effect is the clotting of blood. Through this procedure one may suffer clot formation like thrombosis but this can be prevented by keeping the surgical procedure short and also breaking down the full body procedure into parts where one gets time to heal after every procedure. Walking and staying active will also help prevent clotting.

Your expectations of the procedure must also be a factor to consider. Body contouring surgery is a procedure with quite dramatic results but it is important to have realistic expectations and remember that doctors have limitations to what they can be able to do. Scarring should be expected and your doctor will be sure to inform you where the scars will be. Scars can be removed as well.

Another procedure that can be done by body contouring is the ultrasound therapy. This is a non-invasive procedure and utilizes the same technology used to view images of infants in a mothers womb. This therapy however uses a higher frequency variation and stimulates collagen production underneath the skin which in turn tightens the skin. It is important to note that this procedure requires to be repeated severally as it is quite slow.

With all these factors in mind, you will want to research on potential risks as well as what procedures are the best for your body and the total cost. It important to keep in mind that every invasive operation has its risks and the healing process is different for everyone.

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