A Women Health And Wellness Coach Helps With Easing The Symptoms Of Menopause

By Debra Ross

So many women dread the day that they encounter menopause as it serves as a solid indicator that their reproductive years are finally over. What's more, it tends to bring with it so many nasty symptoms. Hot flashes, intense mood changes and unwanted gaining of body pounds are just some examples of those. There's the so called hormone replacement therapy (HRT) around for symptom management, but it's known to come with some very serious health dangers. A menopausal female who doesn't want to take any risk need not worry. That's because she may simply look for a trusted women health and wellness coach who could help her deal with the various menopause symptoms without the need to undergo HRT.

Having 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is highly recommended. This makes it possible for the body and mind to recover from intense stress that menopause is known to bring with it. Failure to get a good night's sleep every single time may in fact worsen some of the symptoms associated with being in the menopausal stage, and mood swings are some examples.

Unfortunately, the presence of night sweats can make it really difficult for a woman to enjoy 7 to 9 hours of relaxing sleep at bedtime. Experts confirm that night sweats are brought about by hot flashes that choose to come into being at nighttime. It's because of their presence why insomnia is a problem that a lot of menopausal females tend to encounter.

The good news is that there are numerous home remedies available for effectively dealing with night sweats. Coaches and traditional healers alike suggest the use of some relaxing essential oils. Some common examples are chamomile, jasmine and lavender.

Night sweats may also be dealt with naturally by having a glass of pomegranate juice. Drinking a cup of ginger tea is proven effective, too. Women who are encountering severe night sweats may give acupuncture a try.

Avoiding processed foods and those that contain a lot of refined sugar is important, too. Doing so can help prevent the aggravation of hormonal imbalance taking place inside the body of a woman who is menopausal already. On the other hand, plenty of fresh and organic fruits and veggies should be consumed on a regular basis as they can help restore normal balance of hormones within.

Experts suggest a diet that contains a lot of foods rich in vitamin D. Fatty fish types, egg yolks, beef liver and dairy products are some of the best sources of it. Good amounts of vitamin D may also be obtained straight from the sun. This nutrient is necessitated by the body in order to strengthen the bones, thus saving a menopausal female from encountering osteoporosis.

Exercising regularly is also certainly important. That's because it helps keep the muscles strong. What's more, it helps fend off unwanted gaining of weight that's associated with being in the menopausal stage. According to experts, it is a good idea for a woman to opt for exercises that are mild to moderate only in order to keep at bay unnecessary stress and fatigue. Some of the best exercises to go for are swimming, ballroom dancing, brisk walking and gardening.

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