A Look At Ways Botox Injections Maple Grove MN Can Improve Your Appearance

By Gary Cox

According to research, each year over seven million Americans schedule for Botox injections with the hopes of benefiting from a minimally invasive treatment whose results are just as good as those of a face lift. This cosmetic treatment is beloved for some very obvious reasons, including the fact that it is inexpensive, minimally invasive and quite effective at the same time. If you want Botox injections Maple Grove MN has a reliable number of proficient practitioners to offer.

There are specific facial features that a treatment can enhance. If your eyes are making you look older than your age because crows feet and brow lines, Botox treatments would do you good. An injection will numb the targeted muscles and this will make your skin appear tighter and generally smoother.

If your jawline is not well defined, an injection around this area will improve contouring and tighten the muscles around your chin and jowls. This will in return address saggy skin, similar to what a facelift would do. Botox injections can also enhance your smile by treating wrinkles that over time form around the corners of the lips and make you seem as though you are always frowning. The expert will inject your upper lip at regular interval to lift the muscles around your mouth and reduce the fine lines or wrinkles messing with the appearance of your smile.

Removing the wrinkles off your forehead can take a good number of years off your face. Facial wrinkles are not just a sign of old age, though they can make you seem as though you are always in a nasty mood. When Botox is injected around the areas of concern, the wrinkles smooth out and this should give you a tighter, more youthful complexion. Injections around the forehead can also treat sagging brows.

When the muscles on the upper lip contract, tour nose may appear as though it is getting pulled down. This is yet another concern that Botox can treat. The specialist will aim at stopping the activities of the upper lip muscles and by making them relax; other muscles will have a scout free time engaging to pull your nose upwards.

There are crucial aspects you should know before scheduling for treatment. First, the injection is liquid neurotoxin made of botulin and it helps to tighten the muscles. Muscles around the injected areas get paralyzed for 3-6 months, after which you will need to schedule for another treatment.

You can also depend on Botox to treat frown, squint and neck lines. Even with the numerous benefits of the treatment, you need to have a good understanding of the possible side effects. Following your sessions, you may suffer temporarily from headaches, bruising, allergic reactions, flu like symptoms as well as eyebrow or eyelid sags.

Your practitioner has to confirm that you are an ideal candidate before you are scheduled for treatment. You will unfortunately not be treated if you are a nursing mother or you are pregnant. Patients with neuromuscular diseases like motor neuropathy, AML or myasthenia gravis can also not receive treatment because it could worsen the symptoms of the ailment or cause additional health concerns.

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