What To Prepare When Going To A Hollywood Walk In Clinic

By Steven Mitchell

For someone that is experiencing a medical condition, it is quite inconvenient to wait for a doctor's appointment when you need to get a diagnosis fast. There is an option to look for a Hollywood walk in clinic, in which medical professionals can attend to your needs at a time when you need assistance. Before going to one, here are some of the things you need to prepare to maximize your visit.

Recall the symptoms that you have experienced and when they started. You will also be asked about the intensity and how often they occur. If you have been monitoring your blood pressure, sugar levels or temperature, and you feel that the measurements were not normal, discuss this with the medical practitioner. Take note of the times when you took the measurements.

Provide your medical history to the nurse or the medical aid. Your symptoms may be related to a previous or existing medical condition that you may have already received treatment for. This will help your doctor determine if you need further tests or new medications. Women will also be asked about pregnancies and menstrual cycles. Your blood type will also be recorded.

Before you even see the doctor, a nurse or an aid will also ask you about your family's medical history. A number of medical conditions are highly influenced by genes. Thus, having a background on your family's health conditions can help the medical professional detect in case you are experiencing early signs of these illnesses. This is beneficial to give you proper treatment for early symptoms.

If you are going to be checked for a condition that is already diagnosed by another doctor, provide your new doctor with the information on the diagnosis and treatment provided to you. This will help your new doctor determine if the treatment is working and if there are adjustments that have to be made. You may also provide lab results and other exams that were requested by your previous doctor.

Make a list of the medications that you are taking. You can also show a copy of your prescriptions so that a medical professional can also check the dosage schedule and the length of treatment using these medications. Doing this will help your doctor determine the best medicine to prescribe. He can also properly schedule your doses to prevent conflicts and interactions with your other medications.

Once you are find a suitable doctor for your condition, be prepared for possible tests that may be required. You may be required to undergo lab tests and a series of non-invasive and invasive exams. This can be a stressful process especially if you are experiencing pain or discomfort. Wearing comfortable clothes will also help. Expect that there will be some wait time since you do not have an appointment.

It is always best to schedule an appointment with a doctor before your visit to lessen the time that you spend that his office. Since waiting is inevitable, keep yourself busy by watching a movie or reading a book. If you are in pain or extreme discomfort, it may be best to go to a hospital's emergency department for immediate treatment.

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