Vampire Facelift Fort Lauderdale Locals May Undergo To Restore Youthfulness

By Andrew Price

There is a semi-invasive type of aesthetic treatment that involves the use of a special kind of serum obtained from actual human blood. It's called the vampire facial or facelift Fort Lauderdale skin centers are offering nowadays. It is primarily designed to help deal with cosmetic issues such as drooping, fine lines and wrinkles without the need to undergo the knife.

Practitioners obtain the facial serum employed from the customers themselves. To be more specific, it is extracted from the blood. About 2 tablespoons of blood is drawn from a person. Using a laboratory machine, the blood components are separated in order to obtain what's referred to as platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is the very reason why the vampire treatment is regarded as something controversial. What's more, it is the one that allows the procedure to impress so well. Without the administration of this truly unique serum, the entire procedure won't be able to yield dramatic results that it is very famous for.

What makes PRP administration a major part of the treatment is the fact that it is teeming with growth factors. Scientists say that these blood elements are capable of reinstating youthfulness by encouraging the skin cells to divide faster than usual. The action of growth factors is basically the reason why injuries or traumas to the skin are able to heal. Needless to say, administering growth factor-rich PRP is just like forcing dermal restoration to come into being.

The vampire therapy also works so very well due to the fact that it helps in increasing the levels of collagen present in your skin. A protein form that is specifically tasked at promoting firmness, collagen helps to make your skin look and feel tight. It's for certain that your skin will sag if there's not enough collagen present. This makes it so much easier for wrinkling to take place.

The role of collagen in maintaining young-looking skin cannot be stressed enough by dermatologists. It is for this reason exactly why it is a staple ingredient in some of the most effective topical anti-aging products being sold on the current market. By increasing the amount of collagen present, it's possible to promote tautness without the need to undergo plastic surgery that so many people are staying away from due to the steep cost and serious risks.

Aside from PRP, the process of administering this special kind of serum is also a collagen-booster itself. Commonly, skin centers rely on the so-called micro needling in order to have those growth factors introduced into the skin. Basically, micro needling entails the use of a hand-held rod or roller that consists of a lot of very small needles.

Micro needling stimulates the skin to generate more collagen in order to commence the repair process. Coupling it with PRP that's loaded with skin-healing growth factors allows for the synthesis of impressive amounts of collagen. By means of the vampire facial, it is very much possible to deal with drooping, fine lines and wrinkles without the need for the individual to seek the help of a plastic surgeon.

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