Using Hair Adhesive Remover For Bonded Weave Styles Prevents Breakage

By Brenda Evans

Although bonding is one of the fastest ways to add length or volume to hairstyles, it can also be one of the most dangerous. When not done by a professional, a person who chooses to use this powerful glue runs the risk of damaging their scalp when it comes time to remove the pieces. Hair adhesive remover should be kept nearby just in case styles do not work out as planned.

There are many ways to add extra strands and using bond glue is better than excess heat or threading, which can cause damage when done extensively. Most operators may choose this when natural mane is thick or too thin for clip in extensions. This adhesive is also recommended for lacefront wigs, which tend to look more natural than styles from the past.

Although coarse or normal types are the most compatible, these should be treated like fine textures when it comes to removal. People who cannot wait for their salon appointment may be tempted to remove the hair themselves. Even if it appears to be an easy task because they saw someone on a streaming video site do this, it does not mean the user should.

If a person does not see their salon specialist regularly, then they need to take extra steps to ensure that the mane is hydrated. Those with a coarse mane have to be especially careful since the hair shaft is not as easy to penetrate. Persons with their hair type may feel that adding oil to their scalp will ensure safe removal but this is not always the case.

Extremely dry or coarse manes should use real caution if a person intends to wear extensions or wigs for a lengthy period of time. These types are the most prone to breakage and split ends and it takes a little more effort to condition thoroughly. Although excessive heat can be an enemy to most textures, using heat during the conditioning process or hot oil treatment is actually good for preventing possible damage.

Clip in extensions can be the best solution for those who are in the process of restoring their former mane glory. This method allows the scalp to breathe but like the bonding method, it is best to have a professional remove these. If this is not possible use an adhesive remover as directed so that the scalp can be cleaned and conditioned properly.

Although anyone can make hairstyle changes quickly, the wig or extensions should not do all of the work. The wearer should have a routine where they take time to care for the mane and scalp underneath. In the instance of wearing human hair, the added strands and those attached to the scalp deserve attention. While some synthetic brands can be treated like their human cousins for a fraction of the price, these do not hold up as well.

When it comes to having fun with hair, the possibilities are limitless. Anyone that has short blonde natural can have a flowing auburn red mane that is past their shoulders. At the same time, people that do not want to commit to colors can change from hot pink to pastel green to violet blue as they please.

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