Useful Information Regarding Trax Tape In Hair Extensions

By Andrew Turner

For a very long time, hair extensions have been used by individuals to lengthen their hair. Usually these products are affixed to the natural hairs in order to make them appear longer than they actually are, just like the name suggests. In a nutshell, they enhance the beauty of the person wearing them. Celebrities and other public figures are the major users of these products. This is worth knowing about Trax Tape In Hair Extensions.

It is difficult to notice the attachments on the head by just looking at them. This is because the process is usually done in a special way. This can be done using various methods such as weaving, fusion, and tape in. The extensions are fused into the natural hair by applying heat on the strands when using the fusion method. The strands are keratin-tipped.

A double sided tape is normally used to attach tape-in extensions on the head. The procedure entails small strands of real hairs being affixed to strands of synthetic hairs. Of all the methods, weaving is the easiest and also the most long-lasting method of application. It involves making braids on the head in the form of rows into which extensions are woven.

As of today, there are various types of hair extension. The demand of extension is high on a global scale and this has lured several manufacturers. This implies that consumers of these products have a huge variety of products to pick from. People usually make their choices based on factors such as their hair type, budget, and personal preferences.

People with different kinds of hairs can comfortably use fusion and tape-in extensions. On the other hand, weaves are mostly suitable for use by people with curly and kinky hairs. These types of hairs are found on African-American people. Most African-Americans have strong hairs which can be made into cornrow braids. The most expensive types of fake hairs are the fusion type, which cost between 500 and 4000 USD.

The application process of fusion extensions is also very long. They typically take three hours for the application to be completed. However, there is an upside to the high cost and long application time needed. The upside is that they also last the longest. The products can stay on the head for more than four months while still looking good and in good condition.

In terms of the period one takes to apply them and cost, tape-ins are second. They cost around 300 to 2000 US dollars. An hour is required to install them on the head. However, as compared to fusion extensions, their maintenance requirements are higher. Tape-ins require maintenance after every 6 to 8 weeks. These products are more advantageous since they can be reapplied after being removed from the head.

The advantage above makes these extensions cost friendly. Weaves are the cheapest, costing between 100 and 1000 USD. Weaves last up to three months and cannot be reapplied. They have similar maintenance requirements as tape-in extension. In the US, all these products can be bought from any beauty salon.

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