Understanding What Happens During A Visit To A Pasadena Community Urgent Care Clinic

By Roger Bennett

When in need of urgent medical attention, you should consider visiting a walk-in clinic. As long as a concern is not life threatening, it does not qualify as a medical emergency and this means you must schedule an appointment for you to see your regular doctor. Fortunately, you do not need to schedule for any appointments in order to see a practitioner in a Pasadena community urgent care clinic.

There are certain illnesses and injuries that will not qualify you for a visit to the ER (emergency room). However, you can still not stall seeking treatment and scheduling for an appointment with your primary care doctor may not provide convenient solutions. This is where walk-in clinics fill the void. It pays to understand that immediate medical services are not the same as emergency services.

The practitioner in a walk-in clinic can cater for your urgent medical needs. The specialist can handle those pressing medical needs that pop up during the weekend when your regular clinic is closed, during the evenings or during holidays. However, if you are having chest pains, trouble breathing, a heart attack or a stroke, you should call an ambulance and go to the emergency room immediately.

What happens in walk-in clinics is that you can just walk in without having to book an appointment. In case you find other patients on the line, simply wait for your turn to see the doctor. In the end, you will get treatment on the same day and the practitioner will ensure that you receive top quality health care services.

The receptionist will welcome you once you get to the facility and you will be required to provide basic information about your current health concerns and your medical history. The doctor will then see you and your overall health will be assessed further. You can expect the practitioner in question to provide an accurate diagnosis of your concern and provide reliable treatment.

In order to speed up your pace of fully regaining your health, you may receive some prescriptions. The doctor will also bother to give you some after care instructions to further enhance your chances of recovering quickly and properly. In case you have more questions about the instructions given, the receptionist will be happy to answer them. About an hour is enough for you to receive proper treatment and go home to rest.

You should visit your local walk-in clinic in case of minor trauma, sports injuries or other kinds of injuries caused by minor falls or accidents. The practitioner will also be able to treat infected wounds as well as minor burns and bruises. Simply ensure that your concern needs urgent medical attention, but not emergency treatment.

Most, if not all temporary illnesses qualify for urgent care. The walk-in clinic you choose should hence be able to treat you in case you suffer from flu, fevers, allergies or a cold. Then again, the specialist can also treat headaches, bronchitis, nausea, ear and eye infections. You and your loved ones can receive dependable, immediate care, irrespective of gender or age.

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