The Basics Of Medical Device Packaging

By Linda Sanders

Today, many people and facilities are using medical devices. As a result, there is an increased number of companies manufacturing these devices. The devices must be prepared, package, and presented into the marketplace in a very safe and secure manner. The sterility aspect of the tools must remain at the peak as this makes them meet the threshold of being used. Keenness must be enhanced when it comes to medical device packaging, and there are basics that the packagers must embrace. The basics are pinpointed all through this article.

To begin with, you need to facilitate material considerations. It is deeming fitting that you settle for a packaging material meeting the Sterile barrier system standards. When developing a device, it is essential to consider the material and the type of SBS that you will be using for the wrapping. Devices have differing sizes and weights and this must be put into consideration. The sterility of the devices and the number of sterile barriers examined and defined. The moment you acknowledge all the particulars before manufacturing the tools allows you to have a simplified process.

The equipment that will be used for the overall packing exercise must be examined. There are instances when the material being used had some failures and ended up tampering with the integrity of the devices. Therefore, ensure to review the installation qualifications, operation qualifications, and performance qualification. Examine widely the probability of having the seal broken before the devices are used.

Medical devices must transit from the manufacturer into the world or the market. Well, the transit process is extensively harsh and full of turns and twists. It is, therefore, essential for packaging testing procedures to commence. A manufacturer must have package samples which must undergo the transit process. The process involves warehousing, handling, and even transportation of the devices. The device packages must always remain intact despite all these harsh procedures. The tests tend to affirm whether SBS integrity is upheld or jeopardized.

As you facilitate all the above tests, endeavor to incorporate aging tests. Many people are always concentrating on having the package hit the marketplace without the seal being broken. There is more to the packing as you need to understand the shelf life and well-being of these devices. Therefore, endeavor to scrutinize the integrity of the packing and its strength as well. Have aging samples designed which enables you to facilitate your studies about the devices and the shelf integrity.

The packing process must capitalize on having the properly sized packing. There are things like the retaining trays, backer cards, pouches, and shelf cartons that necessitate proper sizing. Avoiding the improperly sized wrapping is beneficial and worthwhile.

A team of dedicated, devoted, and committed professionals must be assembled. The team will be in charge of the packaging and will always facilitate all the studies, researching, and tests necessitated. Joining the team as early as possible is beneficial and enables you to have all the approvals garnered in time. Therefore, choose the team keenly and always capitalize on professionalism from the word go.

Generally, you need to understand that packaging medical devices demands effort and keenness. The above guidelines help simplify the process entirely. Therefore, endeavor to explore the points hence garnering fundamental facts to mull over.

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