Seasoned Orland Park Podiatrist Gives Foot Care Tips For The Open Footwear Season

By Peter Wagner

When summer and spring are around the corner, most people will itch to say goodbye to their full cover footwear and show off their pedicured toes in flip flops. Open shoes are without debate comfortable and stylish though you must not forget that they do not offer the same levels of protection as full cover shoes. You will be at risk of bumping your toenails and also getting ingrown toenails and toenail fungus. If you are nursing an infection, a proficient Orland Park podiatrist can provide reliable treatment.

There are tips that can help in getting your feet summer-ready. First, do not be tempted to walk bare foot when at the public pool. Facilities that are open to the public are a dangerous site because concerns like toenail fungus are highly contagious. Visiting the locker room showers without any footwear would also increase your chances of getting ringworms and athletes foot.

You may also want to avoid clipping the edges of your toenails. Instead of doing this, choose to cut the nail straight across. This will significantly reduce the chances of getting an ingrown toenail after the nail fails to grow outwards and grows towards the skin instead. As minor as the concern may sound, it can leave you in devastating pain.

Usually, you can nurse your ingrown toenail from home and heal within no time. Simply let the nail grow and do not cut it any further. You also want to get the impacted area disinfected and cleaned not less than two times each day. If the infection spreads and pus forms around the ingrown nail, you should visit a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Pedicures should be sought after for more than just aesthetic reasons. A proper service can help in keeping your feet clean and healthy. When choosing a nail salon, find one that uses disposable foot baths. This will reduce the risk of fungus outbreaks and cross-contamination of other nasty infections. Both men and women need regular pedicures that also include getting proper foot scrubs.

Even during the warm season, you have to keep the feet dry. During this time, you will sweat more and this will create excellent conditions for fungus to thrive. If you must wear closed footwear during the summer, always apply antifungal powder before wearing your socks. Also opt for breathable footwear in order to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Cuticles play the role of protecting the nails from elements that cause infections. You therefore want to avoid trimming them because this can leave you vulnerable to hangnails and toenail fungus. If the cuticles are looking unattractive, use warm water to soak your feet and then push back the cuticles using a cuticle pusher.

The most prevalent foot concerns during the summer are toenail fungus and ingrown toenails. It is possible to prevent these infections or get reliable treatment from a skilled podiatrist. An ideal doctor will ensure your foot health by not only accurately diagnosing and treating concerns, but also providing dependable preventative care.

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