Seasoned OBGYN Los Angeles Offers Tips For Preparing Your Daughter For The First Visit

By Roger Morris

Once your daughter hits at least 13 years of age, she will be ripe for the first OBGYN visit. Most girls find this first trip to be intimidating and they may not be comfortable talking about their privacy and health. It remains crucial to ensure that your loved one knows what to expect and the importance of the checkup in the first place. If you need to find the best OBGYN Los Angeles is an ideal place to begin your research.

For your loved one to have better peace of mind, you need to ensure that she deeply understands her reproductive health. This way, it will be easier to explain why checkups are crucial. In addition, treat her like the adult she is and involve her in the decision making process. For instance, your loved one should be at liberty to choose the gender of the physician to visit.

Because you are experienced about what typically happens during the first visit, you could start by going over the questions that are likely to be asked. For instance, the obstetrician gynecologist will always ask about the age of a patient, when she received her first period and when she got her last one. It is also standard procedure to find out whether a patient is sexually active.

It pays to encourage your loved one to communicate freely and honestly. By gathering accurate information, it will be easier for the practitioner to make certain crucial decisions. Make sure that your kid knows that you do not have to be present in the room as she answers the questions.

It remains necessary to disclose as much details as possible about the physical exam. This is not something that should come as a complete surprise. Talk about the usual checks such as weighing and measuring blood pressure. You should also discuss about pelvic exams, cervical swabs and breast exams. It is better when your loved one has a good idea of what is likely to transpire during sessions.

Being as detailed as possible is important. This will also assist in creating trust between you, and your kid will understand that you respect her as an adult. Be sure to make it clear that these procedures could be uncomfortable, although they are painless and the doctor will be expected to respect her boundaries.

For the experience to be less uncomfortable, you must stress on the perks of visiting a gynecologist. For instance, this will make it possible to assess preventative care and even get possible issues of concern addressed in a timely manner. You also want to create an atmosphere where your girl will not shy away from asking questions in case there are things she does not understand.

Even for adults that have scheduled for numerous tests in the past, visiting an OBGYN is still uncomfortable. You owe your loved one the favor of providing reassurance. She needs to know that you will always be there for her as she goes for her yearly appointments.

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