Minimizing Sun Exposure Is The Prime Anti Aging Skin Care Detroit Experts Suggest

By Edward Lee

The presence of wrinkles, sun spots and various other aesthetic issues can definitely wreak havoc on a woman's appearance and also confidence. Often, these very unsightly imperfections start to come into being from the mid 20s to the early 30s. While it's a fact that no one can stop time from moving forward, its effect can actually be delayed. The top anti aging skin care Detroit experts recommend is to steer clear of having too much sun.

It's true that the sun is necessary for optimum physical and mental health. That's because it is a phenomenal source of vitamin D. According to doctors, the said nutrient offers so many different perks. For instance, it is something that strengthens the immune system, thus lowering a person's risk of having all kinds of infections.

The nutrient is also capable of strengthening the bones, thus helping to lower one's risk of battling osteoporosis in the future. It's because the body needs vitamin D in order for it to be able to absorb calcium properly. Studies say that it can also keep some types of cancer from forming.

Individuals who have a lot of anxious or depressive thoughts should obtain good amounts of vitamin D. Such is highly recommended as it helps in happy hormone synthesis. So in other words, this nutrient can lift the mood.

Sadly, getting too much sun can wreak havoc on one's appearance. It's for the fact that it exposes the skin to excessive amounts of ultraviolet or UV rays. Such can cause both dryness and roughness. What's more, it can trigger the production of more pigments than necessary. Some of those pigments may clump together, thus forming liver spots.

Available collagen can also be damaged by UV light. A form of protein, collagen is the one that makes it possible for you to have skin that's firm. Collagen is found abundantly in the body of a child or teen. On the other hand, the body of an adult tends to produce less of it. This is why sagging and wrinkling are cosmetic issues common among older people.

It goes without saying that considerably reducing one's sun exposure is a great idea. Such is true especially among women who refuse to look older than their actual age. Failure to shield the skin from the sun can cause all kinds of aging signs to appear, some of which are permanent.

One of the best ways to minimize contact with the sun is to apply sunscreen before stepping foot outside during the day. According to dermatologists, the best product to go for is something that has a sun protection factor or SPF of not less than 30. Sunscreen application should be done most especially after 10 am and before 4 pm.

Beauty conscious women are encouraged to consume lots of foods that are packed with vitamin C, too. That's because the said nutrient is in fact a role player in the synthesis of collagen. According to dermatologists, it's also a good idea to opt for healthy living. This only means that a woman should reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, avoid smoking and drink alcohol moderately.

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