Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps Fend Off Osteoporosis

By Patricia Wagner

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that is characterized by the weakening of the bones. Needless to say, it is something that can increase one's risk of having a fracture. Anyone may end up suffering from osteoporosis in the future. However, health authorities confirm that women have a higher chance of developing it primarily due to menopause. The good news is there's hormone replacement therapy or HRT that can help lower a woman's odds of ending up with the problem.

The bones are being protected from becoming brittle by estrogen. It's just one of the many different roles that the said female hormone is playing. Women should not worry much about winding up with osteoporosis for as long as they have sufficient amounts of the said chemical in their bodies.

Sadly, the levels of estrogen suddenly drop during the menopausal stage. This is exactly the reason why menopause is regarded as a major risk factor for osteoporosis. Such is also the reason why the dreaded bone condition is more commonly seen in women than in men who won't end up with osteoporosis.

Having osteoporosis makes a woman highly susceptible to ending up with a fracture. Its presence can certainly prevent a woman from leading a life that's productive, fruitful and exciting. Even everyday activities at home can be really difficult to carry out if a fracture is around. Hip fracture is a very common complication of osteoporosis, say health authorities. There is no other way to deal with the problem but by undergoing pricey and risky hip replacement surgery.

It's due to this why HRT is something that is ideal for women who are already in the menopausal stage. It is something that can help fend off osteoporosis most especially among those who are likely to develop it due to a few other factors. By the way, HRT is also capable of dealing with so many other things associated with menopause aside from osteoporosis as it's designed to restore proper balance of a woman's hormones.

HRT can also help with alleviating hot flashes, which is one of the most annoying symptoms of being in the menopausal stage. Such can be a massive problem especially if it takes place at night as it can keep a woman from having a good night's sleep. Other issues that HRT can manage are mood swings, appetite changes, weight gain and hair loss.

Sadly, just like with any other therapies out there, a few risks are associated with HRT. It's for this reason why it is contraindicated for some menopausal women. For instance, it is not recommended for those who are at high risk of having breast cancer. It's also not intended for women who have heart disease or may develop it.

The good news is that there are other ways to keep osteoporosis at bay aside from undergoing HRT. Women should load up on foods that are packed with not only calcium but also vitamin D. Having a regular exercise regimen is highly suggested. It's very important for a woman to consume alcohol in moderation only and turn her back on cigarette smoking.

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