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By Carolyn Russell

Teeth whitening is a process that is done on teeth to make them lighter and to remove discoloration and stains. This process is one of the most common and popular cosmetic dental procedures among Americans. Its popularity is fueled by the fact that it can greatly improve how teeth look. This process can be performed by most dentists. This is not a one-time procedure. In order to keep their enamels white, one has to have the process done occasionally. Here are facts regarding Teeth whitening medicine lodge.

The outer part of the teeth is known as the enamel. A natural tooth coloration develops when light hits and gets spread on the enamel. Beneath the enamel is another layer called dentin. Thickness of the enamel mostly depends on the genetic composition of a person. When the enamel is so thick, the dentin is bound to be hidden deeper and the possibility of being eaten away is low.

Apart from the natural enamel color, various activities affect the color of tooth too. For example, small pores usually exist on the enamel and they can hold stains and therefore change tooth color. A thin coating called the pellicle is created on the enamel. Stains are actively picked up by this coating, which cause the enamel to become yellow.

Some habits like failure to observe good dental hygiene and smoking can also darken the enamel. The color of the enamel can be left darker or yellow by drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, red wine, tea, and cola. The enamel is also made thinner by the natural aging process where dentin becomes darker. These lessen the whiteness of the enamel.

A complete whitening process may be able to minimize or totally eliminate effects of darkened enamel. For the whitening procedure to go on successfully, one is required to be well-prepared beforehand. Cavities may reduce the success rate of dental whitening, hence should be treated as part of preparation towards the procedure. Since cavities normally create spaces, the whitening products may pass through.

For people who have receding gums, this process may make their enamels sensitive. This process can be done at home or in dental office. When the process is done in a dental office, the dentist will start by taking a photo of the enamels. The photo is then used to monitor the success of the process over time. The dentist will also ask several questions in order to determine the cause of the staining.

The next step involves cleaning of the mouth to remove substances such as food particles and bacteria which cause staining. The whitening process starts after this. In this process, the dentist makes trays that are used to hold the whitening gel onto the enamels. The gel reacts with the enamel to bring about a change in color.

Kits that can be used at home to attain similar results to those achieved by a dentist exist too. One can also purchase over-the-counter kits cheaply and easily. Supposing one opts to have the process done at home, they should speak to a dentist. When performed at home, the procedure takes 2 to 3 weeks.

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