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By Angela Russell

Each language evolves and new terms are introduced while usage of certain words is discontinued. It is this situation that summarizes the fate of the word periwig which is actually the long form for wig. As a result, not many are familiar with the word periwig as it is among words that are no longer used. A wig can be defined as a head covering that is made from synthetic fiber, animal hair, or human hair. When in need of Medical wigs Delaware should be visited.

The history of wigs is long they were used in many ancient cultures like Jews in olden Israel, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians. Periwigs were worn by both women and men on their close cropped or clean shaven heads in Egypt. They are meant to shield the hairless heads form the sun. Periwigs were used as an everyday fashion item in some cultures.

Today, these head covers have a third use which is to disguise baldness. Most people find them to be a better solution to thinning hair conditions caused by aging or chemotherapy among cancer patients. Most people find them to be affordable and less intrusive than other medical alternatives for restoring hair. There are also those who use them for fun or religious purposes.

As mentioned earlier, wigs can be made from human hair, synthetic fiber, or animal hair. They are all effective choices depending on the requirements and the budget of a person. The difference lies in the quality. Products made from human hair present the best quality, but the highest cost. Synthetic fiber and animal periwigs are less costly and inferior compared to human periwigs.

Whereas human hair periwigs are the best products, they are slowly matched in terms of appearance by synthetic hair wigs. Technological advancements have made this possible. There is a lot of sophistication in the technology that is currently used to make these commodities. It takes a professional eye to tell the difference between these two products.

Each of the three types of periwigs has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of human hair periwigs are that they allow styling versatility and have a natural look. They also come in a wide range of textures and last longer with proper care. When it comes to styling, human hair periwigs can be perfumed, colored and styled just like the actual human hair.

On the other hand, a human hair wig requires high maintenance, reacts to weather, fades and is very fragile. Like actual human hair, human hair wigs require maintenance which entails washing, frequent re-styling, and deep-conditioning. It is also very hard for one to get human hair periwigs of the exact color. This is because the hairs are harvested from many different people.

There are two major factors that determine the life span of a wig. These two factors are the quality of the product and how careful one looks after it. It is highly recommended for one to only use products that are recommended on the wig. A person must know that periwigs do not get any benefit from the natural scalp oil that is secreted by the body.

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