Facials And Chemical Peels Maple Grove MN Med Spas Offer Can Help Deal With Aging Signs

By Martha Baker

A woman can look so much older because of aesthetic issues like wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, sagging and roughness. It's a good thing that all of these problems are manageable and even reversible. An effective way to deal with them is via facials and chemical peels Maple Grove MN med spas of today are offering.

Just like what the name says, aging signs are due to the normal process of aging that every beauty-conscious woman goes through. As you age, your body's ability to generate collagen wanes off. This can leave your skin to become loose and also droopy. Not having enough collagen can cause lines to appear across your forehead, around your eyes, in the corners of your mouth and nose, and even on your neck.

Sadly, it's not just the process of aging that can cause those unattractive issues to come into being. Dermatologists say that the blame can also be put on excessive sun exposure. Ultraviolet (UV) light is capable of wreaking havoc on the various dermal layers. They can promote unnecessary collagen destruction, too. This is the reason why beauty-conscious women are highly encouraged to apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of not less than 30 during the day.

If you are a smoker, don't be surprised if it seems like you have lots of unflattering aging signs on your face. It's not unlikely for you to look older than a friend who is not into smoking. Thousands of toxins that are flushed into your body can prevent the skin cells from being supplied with blood that's rich in oxygen and nutrients, too.

Poisonous chemicals present in cigarette smoke can also increase the amounts of free radicals in the body. Those harmful molecules are capable of damaging healthy skin cells. The presence of too many free radicals within, needless to say, can speed up the aging process. Free radical formation, by the way, can also be accelerated by excessive intake of alcohol. Because it has diuretic properties, too much alcohol can dehydrate the skin, thus causing fine lines and wrinkles to become more pronounced.

Dermatologists say that having poor eating habits is a contributor to accelerated aging, too. Women who eat a lot of foods that are processed, salty, sugary and fatty tend to have more aging signs. It's for the fact that their unhealthy diet can trigger inflammation, and this can cause the aging of their skin to speed up considerably.

Luckily, keeping those aging signs at bay can be done by protecting the skin from the sun's UV light and also switching to a lifestyle and diet that are healthier. Med spas of today also offer a number of facial treatments that can help a lot. There are plenty of options around, and it's for certain that a beauty-conscious woman will find one that suits her goal and preferences.

You may also choose to undergo chemical peels. The ability of these treatments to improve tone as well as texture makes them highly popular. They encourage collagen production, too. Your skin can also peel by utilizing laser instead of applying chemicals topically.

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