Exposing Common Fables About Eyelash Extensions Oregon

By Frances Russell

Every fashionable woman in the current age has beautiful looking eyelashes. In case you are wondering what to do to also increase the volume and length of your lashes, you should simply request a skilled esthetician for an extension installation service. Just like with any new beauty treatment that people are yet to fully understand, there are myths about synthetic lashes that you must not believe. If you need to install eyelash extensions Oregon is an ideal place to begin your hunt for top rated estheticians.

The myth that a service will destroy your natural lashes should be debunked. This is one of the scariest fables that has discouraged a good number of women from seeking a service for the first time. It is false to claim that once you start depending on fake lashes, then you have to schedule for treatments for the rest of your life.

To rule out the chances of destroying your natural lashes, you should work with a skilled professional. He or she will use recommended installation techniques and will also help you find the right length and volume of extensions to use, based on the health of your natural lash. It pays to know that using the wrong adhesive can also damage your natural lashes, the more reason for you to work with experts who use trusted products.

Another misunderstanding that should be set straight is that you should never wet the synthetic lashes to protect them from damage. This myth is ridiculous and it can again not be further from the truth. What is true is that you should wait for at least one day for the adhesive to set in properly. After this, you can take your showers and baths or even go for swimming without a care in the world.

The fable that a service is not long lasting should not be believed. A proper treatment can last for 4-6 weeks before you need a refill. If you follow the aftercare instructions, you can maintain an appealing look without much need for makeup. Poor installs, cheap materials and improper care techniques are what affect the longevity of eyelash extensions.

There are women who will not consider sprucing up their looks because they believe the fable that services are expensive. Even though eyelash extensions are a common sight on the faces of renowned celebrities, installation services are quite affordable. Do not shy away from inquiring about the rates of skilled local estheticians.

Another misunderstanding is that the extensions do not have a natural look. Well, the truth is that the outcome of a service will depend on the competence levels of the esthetician you consult with. A skilled professional can customize your lashes to suit your preferences. You can choose from a range of sizes, shapes and lengths and your choice will determine whether you will achieve a natural look or one that is perfect for Vegas nightlife.

There is a good chance that you have heard that fake lashes are uncomfortable to wear. This is again a laughable fable. The installation process is painless and as long as you use the right lashes, you will not even notice that you are wearing them. This is because the finest brands are light and comfy, meaning you will not feel them.

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