Dealing With Sun Damage Via Photofacial Laser Treatment MN Skin Clinics Provide

By Cynthia Graham

The skin ages naturally. However, dermatologists say that up to 80 percent of the aging process is not due to the passing of years but because of excessive sun exposure. Sun damage is a problem that is faced by a lot of women who like to spend plenty of time outdoors and refuse to apply sunscreen religiously. Luckily, there's photofacial laser treatment MN skin clinics provide that can help deal with this problem that produces all kinds of unfavorable cosmetic issues.

Applying sunscreen is a daily regimen that every beauty-conscious woman on the face of the planet has to carry out. That's because it is something that shields the skin from coming into contact with UV rays that the sun emits. Getting small amounts of UV rays is perfectly fine as it helps in the generation of vitamin D. Too much of it, however, it bad.

For instance, too much UV radiation can in fact cause sun damaged skin. You may notice some areas of your face to be rougher and dryer if you already have it. However, there are much bigger problems than these. According to dermatologists, excessive exposure to the sun's UV radiation can cause unnecessary breaking down of collagen. This form of protein is essential for keeping the skin firm and plump, too.

It's for this reason exactly why getting more sun than necessary can cause skin sagging and also formation of fine lines. It won't take long before those subtle lines end up as wrinkles that can be noticed by everyone without trouble. Needless to say, sun damage can make a woman look older than her actual age.

A lot of melanin, a dark-colored pigment in the skin, may show up if you get lots of UV radiation. It's something that can certainly leave you with darkened skin tone. What's more, it can trigger the appearance of liver spots. Also sometimes referred to as sun spots, these marks are nothing like freckles as they are huge and really dark. Feeling beautiful and confident can be really challenging if there are liver spots all over your face.

Applying sunscreen on a regular basis is not only for cosmetic reasons but also health purposes. According to dermatologists, one's risk of suffering from deadly skin cancer can be reduced considerably simply by shielding the skin from the sun. If it's not identified and treated without delay, skin cancer can be quite deadly.

These days, sunscreen comes in so many different forms. There are lotions, gels, sticks and sprays. There are also daily cosmetic products that come integrated with sunscreen. No matter the form, it's important to opt for sunscreen that has an SPF of not less than 30 in order to obtain superb protection from the sun.

According to dermatologist, it's not all the time that sun damage can heal. It's a good thing that photofacial is being offered by most skin clinics these days. This treatment uses laser in order to eliminate damaged areas of the skin. What's more, it encourages cellular multiplication and collagen synthesis. Photofacial is also recommended for dealing with acne, scars and small veins on the face.

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