Common Oral Health Concerns That Can Be Treated Through Mississippi Orthodontics

By William Morgan

Orthodontic care can come in handy if you wish to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Depending on the concern that needs correcting, experts can use braces, spacers or even surgery to address issues that not only mess with the aesthetics of the dental, but also cause uneven teeth wear and jaw pain. Reliable Mississippi orthodontics can also assist greatly in treating issues that increase the risk of gum disease.

One of the common oral concerns that can be treated through orthodontics is an overbite. This is when the top teeth seem to overlap with those at the bottom. Overbites, also referred to as buck teeth can occur because of irregular jaw development patterns, prolonged finger sucking or genetics. When the issue goes without addressing, it can cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems that are characterized by the uneven wear of teeth.

It remains crucial to get an overbite addressed as soon as a patient qualifies for treatment. Without the needful corrections, this problem can cause temporomandibular joint simply referred to as TMJ. This is an issue that causes the teeth to wear out unevenly. To correct an overbite, the practitioner can use braces to correct misalignments or remove excessive teeth to make it possible for other teeth to grow freely.

With a healthy dental, the outer ridge of your lower teeth will align at the center of your upper teeth. If this does not happen and the lower dental arch does not line up with the arch of the upper teeth, this is known as a crossbite. This is a concern commonly caused by jaw misalignment and it can again cause TMJ, bone loss and a greater gum disease risk. Your orthodontist can use braces or even trainers to address the issue.

Dental overcrowding is when the mouth does not have adequate space for all the teeth to perfectly fit in. This can happen if a child loses the baby teeth too late or too soon. Overcrowding not only messes with the appearance of the smile, but also makes it challenging to maintain good oral hygiene. When proper brushing and flossing becomes a challenge, a patient becomes more vulnerable to gum disease and cavities.

The severity of a concern has to be considered before a professional provides treatment. Depending on the state of your dental, it may be necessary for the wisdom teeth to be extracted and braces to be used to give the rest of your teeth a better alignment. Treatment will not just enhance your smile, but also your oral health in general.

When on is diagnosed with an underbite, this means that the lower teeth protrude more than the upper ones. This can again be caused by an irregular development pattern of your jaw. Underbites can also occur because of missing upper teeth. This problem can be surgically corrected where the orthodontist will aim at pulling back the protruding bone. Tooth extraction, braces and a mouth guard would be instrumental in assisting to relive the pressure.

Another oral issue that can be addressed through orthodontic care is an open bite. This is when there is space between the upper and the lower dental. This can occur because of prolonged thumb sucking during childhood or overuse of a pacifier. Usually, the condition affects the front teeth and this can lead to chewing problems, TMJ and gum damage caused by accidental bites to the mouth interiors.

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