Binge Eating Recovery Phases Worth Knowing About

By Douglas Wallace

There is nothing wrong with having the odd binge on a tub of ice-cream every so often. However, when this becomes a habit and it takes over your life, you really need to look at the situation carefully because you will struggle to cope during the day. Fortunately, there are experts in the field who can help with binge eating recovery.

It can especially be difficult when this leads to bulimia. People usually binge on processed food which is particularly unhealthy. They will then purge. It is unhealthy, leading to problems with the stomach and digestive system. It usually happens because of a psychological issue. For example, the individual will not be satisfied with their body. They usually have a low self esteem. This is a way in which they start to feel better about themselves.

In addition to this, you will also find that you put on weight. The addiction becomes worse over time. The food you enjoy is usually comfort food. It includes carbohydrates and desserts. This makes your weight shoot up. The fact that you are adding so many calories to your diet means that you become more depressed as well.

Eating is often automatic. You open the refrigerator when you get back home. You will stop off at the shop and buy a chocolate, making sure that you have something at home. You will become anxious when you feel that you don't have anything sweet to eat in the house. You start to become desperate and you may go out late at night to get a tub of ice-cream. It is an addiction just like that of a drug addict.

Just like with any other type of addiction, one needs to learn more about the root of the problem. There may be reasons for the disorder and this is what one needs to deal with first and foremost. Besides a poor body image, people also get into a habit like this because of childhood problems. They can start purging because they feel ashamed of their past.

A nutritionist will be helpful, coming up with a healthy eating plan. This should be well balanced, including all of the food groups so that patients are able to take advantage of the vitamins and minerals which pass through the body. When bulimics purge, they get rid of the essential nutrients found in things like fruit and vegetables.

This is something that the therapist will talk about initially. They will also introduce practical ways in which a routine can be useful. Often, clients are not aware that this is actually a life threatening disorder. They will mention the other dangerous conditions, such as cancer, which develop as a result.

Unlike many other disorders, such as manic depression and bipolar, this is something which can be cured. Of course, one needs to make the effort. There is no magic button that you can press. But over time, you find that things improve the more you talk about your struggles and when you share intimate details about your life.

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