Acupuncture Ellicott City Provides Can Spare You From Premature Skin Aging

By Frank Long

Exposure to a lot of sun is the primary reason why fine lines, wrinkles and various aging signs show up prematurely, trusted dermatologists say. However, encountering lots of stress constantly is another culprit that not a lot of people know about, including most especially beauty-aware women. It's exactly due to this why regularly having acupuncture Ellicott City provides is highly recommended especially for women who are always stressed and do not want to look older than everybody else.

Chronic stress is associated with so many health nightmares. High blood pressure, increased bad cholesterol, elevated sugar levels, obesity, heart attack and stroke are just a few examples of those. People who are leading very stressful lives are also at risk of winding up with anxiety and depression, as confirmed by mental health professionals.

Being stressed all the time can also leave you looking older than your actual age, which can leave everybody confused. So in other words, it can cause premature appearance of various aging signs such as sagging and wrinkling. As soon as you spot the presence of these cosmetic flaws, it's not unlikely for you to feel even more stressed than before.

Unwanted inflammation brought about by stress is actually the one that can cause your skin to age prematurely, according to dermatologists. This is something that is going on even if there is no bacterial infection or physical injury to deal with. Inflammation that is taking place because it's necessary, on the other hand, can work to your advantage. That's because it can signal your immune system to do its job.

It is an entirely different story if inflammation is taking place even if it's not necessary. This is regarded as something very serious because it's harmful to the various tissues and vital organs. As an example, it is closely linked to deadly heart disease because it can cause the arteries to become stiff and clogged. Inflammation is associated with cancer development, too.

Beauty-conscious women will surely be devastated to learn that chronic inflammation can also leave them looking older than their real age. That's because of increased free radical activity. It's no secret that the presence of lots of free radicals can cause damage to healthy skin cells. It's for this reason exactly why most anti-aging creams on the market these days contain antioxidants, which are capable of neutralizing those free radicals.

Definitely, women who like to maintain their youthful appearance should steer clear of having very stressful lives. This only means that they should try to avoid as many daily stressors as they possibly can. Doing some stress-relieving activities such as getting a massage or performing yoga is also highly recommended in order to have their stress levels lowered without delay.

Dealing with high levels of stress may also be done by means of an ancient Chinese therapy referred to as acupuncture. This encourages utmost mental and physical relaxation by having the flow of energy throughout the body manipulated. However, this may leave some women feeling quite anxious because of the fact that it is characterized by jabbing fine needles into the skin.

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