A Brief Biography Of Dr Salvatore Zavarella

By Thomas Wallace

If you have any neurological problems, you should look for a doctor that is capable of treating you with expertise. Most people fail to find the right doctor in time because they wait until the condition gets worse. It is advisable to start looking for a surgeon the moment you begin noticing changes in your health. Thus, people are advised to do regular checkups of their overall bodily health. This will help doctors to identify several issues, including neurological problems that may be developing. The following is a biography of a specialized neurosurgeon called Dr Salvatore Zavarella.

The doctor named above is a neurosurgeon that has been certified by the board. This doctor is currently practicing with the Long Island Neurosurgical and Pain Specialists. Therefore, he is an integral team member at this facility. Also, the doctor obtained his medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York. He later completed his general surgery residency and internship in Neurological Surgery at the Long Island Jewish Medical School at Hofstra North Shore.

Dr Salvatore has recently completed his fellowship program at the TX University M. D. ACC. He was able to study advanced clinical specialization all neurosurgical procedures regarding oncology. During this time, he focused on learning more about surgical treatments of primary and metastatic tumors. Also, he was able to perform awake brain tumor surgery. This fellowship program helped the doctor to learn and specialize in several critical neurosurgical procedures.

During the fellowship program, Dr Salvatore published several articles about treating metastatic spine tumors. He was also invited to write a whole chapter in a distinguished spine textbook. This professional attended the New York State University at Buffalo. He later graduated with Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Sciences. He was an outstanding student and graduated with a distinction.

After that, the Hughes Medical Organization granted the doctor an international research scholarship. He later became a lab tech worker at the RPCI in Buffalo. Here at Roswell, he majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology. His hard work and strong spirit made him become a big success and a reputable neurosurgeon.

This professional is also a recipient of several research grants. These grants have helped him to fund a clinical trial program that has enabled him to study cell signaling mechanisms in the Central Nervous System. He gets his specimen through donations from tumor and spine patients that donate a segment of their spine and tumor when they are receiving treatment.

This program has thus enabled the doctor to write more publications on the mechanisms of cell signaling involved in the invasion of medulloblastoma and glioma cells. This doctor also has the knowledge and expertise to handle cases such as spinal fractures, spine tumors, spinal stenosis, brain tumor surgery, disc arthroplasty, herniated disc and performing awake surgery on metastatic and primary brain tumors.

The focus of this doctor is to treat neurosurgical disorders using minimally invasive and non-operative conservative approaches. If surgery has to be done, he ensures that the surgical options are tailored to the needs of the patients. Hence, he is a renowned neurosurgeon.

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