Using Spacial Awareness On Back Pain Johns Creek GA

By Taylor Reaume

Research has found a link between spatial awareness and pain. Spatial awareness is simply the recognition of where your body is in space. It allows you to interact with the world around you-- by reaching for a glass on the table, stepping around the toys your child left on the floor, and knowing the difference between left and right, for instance. Studies show that people who suffer from chronic pain are likely to experience deficits in spatial awareness because of how they perceive their bodies.

The nervous system sends pain signals whenever it senses that the body is being threatened, perhaps by a particular movement or position (posture). Patients may have distorted perceptions of the dimensions of their bodies in areas where they experience pain. For example, back pain sufferers may have a misunderstanding of where their midline is and may think their back is larger than it really is.

These feelings can change how one interacts with everything around them. Sometimes they may even tend to do limited movements just to keep from utilizing those limbs or muscle groups affected by the discomfort.

Spatial awareness is actually improved by movement since it promotes sensory feedback and renders boy proportions more understandable. The nervous system can be retrained to create less alarms through purposeful and efficient movements. Dance, Pilates, and Tai Chi all help increase awareness.

Chiropractic adjustments and soft-tissue therapies (such as massage or therapeutic stretching) can boost mobility and promote spatial awareness, too. Therefore, anything you can do to optimize your ability to move can reduce the likelihood that your nervous system will be on high alert.

Improved spatial awareness can alleviate muscle pains, increases general ease of movement, and makes it easier to do physical activity regularly. Frequently engaging in purposeful movement may also make it less likely that one would suffer discomfort or injuries.

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