The Ultimate Guide To Selecting Angina Relief Treatment

By Peter Gray

If you have been diagnosed with chest pressure or pains, some blockages may be in your heart arteries. You can relieve the chest pressures by getting rid of the blockages in your arteries. Several treatment options for the condition are available. However, to select the right treatment, you must know what kind of problem you have. You may have chronic chest pains that are stable or unstable pressure on the chest. Also, you may have variant or microvascular pains on your chest. All these are characterized by different problems that must be treated. The treatment option for Angina Relief will depend on the condition you have. This article captures some of the treatment options.

Unstable chest pains are usually severe and require immediate medical attention. This will involve hospitalization and medications that will make your condition to stabilize. Some patients will be forced to undergo angioplasty and heart surgery to stabilize them. Deciding on the treatment of your state may be difficult.

Angioplasty and stenting are among the options used to treat angina. This treatment is effective and helps in keeping the heart open. The chest pains are thus relieved. Some risks that are involved include the re-formation of blockages after the implantation of the stents. Also, blood may clot causing heart attack risks and stroke. Patients that undergo this treatment have to use aspirin for the rest of their lives.

The second treatment option is the use of medications. When you use drugs, you may not need stenting or angioplasty. Some of the medications that can relieve the symptoms include aspirin, nitrates, statins, beta blockers, Ranexa, calcium channel blockers, and ACE inhibitors. If these medications do not work, stenting or bypass surgery may be opted for.

EECP therapy is also a common treatment option that doctors use. It relieves the symptoms and improves the flow of blood to your heart. This treatment is done by cuffing the legs and applying pressure on them. The pressure is done rhythmically with the heart. This therapy has been found to work on several patients, and it significantly reduces the chest pains.

Moreover, you are advised to make lifestyle changes that will help in reducing the pains and pressures on your chest. This is a must, and any doctor you visit will advise you to change your lifestyle. Thus, you should reduce or quit smoking, change your diet, exercise often, reduce weight, avoid stress and take foods that have low cholesterol to improve your health.

You must talk to your physician if you have a heart condition. The physician will help you to choose the treatment that will be ideal for you. Usually, most people prefer angioplasty and stenting as they get better quickly. Medications are also good and way cheaper and do not require any recovery time.

Patients are advised to take medications and change their lifestyles first before they consider angioplasty and stenting. If the drugs and lifestyle changes do not work, surgery can be an option. Research for new therapies as well as medications for treating chest pains is ongoing.

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