Spine Surgeon Long Island Outlines The Different Types Of Spinal Surgery

By Jason Long

One of the most delicate procedures that anyone can undergo is back surgery. While spinal issues are common, it remains imperative to know why your back hurts, whether the concern can be addressed through surgical means, and whether there are other ideal treatment alternatives you could consider. When searching for the best spine surgeon Long Island is an ideal place to begin your research.

Surgery can in some cases be the only option that can help to treat a certain concern. It remains important to also understand that a decent number of back issues will naturally resolve themselves in at least three months. In addition, some problems respond to other forms of treatment such as spinal decompression, physical therapy, chiropractic care, heat therapy, inflammatory medications or massage therapy.

It is crucial for your issue to be closely evaluated by a skilled spine specialist. You should also do yourself the favor of seeking a second opinion. In case it is evident that you cannot escape getting operated on, make sure that you work with the finest local surgeon. Here are the most common types of spine surgery.

Diskectomy is a delicate surgical procedure where the practitioners remove a portion of the herniated disk. This delivers relief to the affected nerve by easing both irritation and inflammation. The operation may aim at removing the entire or part of the spine portion of a vertebra in order for the surgeons to be able to access the herniated disk. Laminectomy operations on the other hand, involve taking out the bone overlaying the spinal canal. This can assist in the treatment of spinal stenosis, which is a concern that puts pressure on spinal nerves.

A spinal fusion operation connects two or more bones along the spine permanently. This can assist in relieving pain by increasing stability around a spinal fracture. Occasionally, spinal fusion procedures are used to stop painful motions between vertebrae that can cause an injured or degenerated disk. An alternative for eliminating painful movements between two vertebrae is to get an artificial disk implanted.

It is in your best interests to consider every other available treatment option before you settle for back surgery. This will be a wise thing to do, especially if you have sought the opinions of various specialists and they cannot agree on the right time to get operated on or even the kind of operation that is required. Make sure you work with the finest experts for diagnosis as well as treatment.

Even if you seek multiple opinions, chances are that a unanimous decision will be made for you to get under the knife if other treatment options have failed. An operation will also be inevitable if your pain is disabling. Surgery is the most viable option for treating spinal stenosis, a concern that compresses spinal nerves.

Spinal stenosis can cause a range of other serious back issues, including a ruptured or bulging disk. This is when spinal nerves are unable to function properly because they are pressed by other bones along the spine. This concern can also cause bone spurs, an issue that affects the hinges along the spine and reduce the size of the openings that nerves pass through.

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