Leading Ophthalmologist Bethesda Describes Habits That Hurt Your Eye Health

By Pamela Rogers

Most people will not think about their eye health until something happens and their vision is impacted. Even though some vision issues are congenital and others are caused by factors that are not within your control, there are simple tips that can better your chances of enjoying optimum eye health for a lifetime. During research for the best ophthalmologist Bethesda has a decent number of proficient practitioners to offer.

It remains crucial to be well aware about habits that endanger the health of your eyes. First, try to limit the amount of time you spend staring at a screen. The blue lights, not to mention the tiny fonts of computers, tablets and phones can cause eye strains and also decrease the normal blink rate. This in return causes a decrease in tear production and you may suffer from tired or dry eyes as well as blurred vision.

According to top rated eye doctors, screen time is a leading cause of nearsightedness and it can also lead to permanent damage of your retina, especially if you spend hours staring at computers over a prolonged period. If using gadgets is a must, consider investing in computer glasses. They cut the glare and mitigate the effects of the blue light.

Redness reducers provide quick solutions when you find yourself with bloodshot eyes. One can experience redness of the eyes because of the summer heat, irritations, lack of sleep, stress or eye dryness. If you decide to become overly reliant on redness reducers, your eyes will over time become unable to compensate for the work done by the drops.

It is good practice to wear sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Usually, the sun still produces harmful rays even when it is cloudy or even snowy. Wearing prescription glasses or eyewear brands that provide UV protection is always a smart thing to do.

Safety goggles do not look cool. However, they do the important job of ensuring that your eyes are protected from injuries and irritants. During a home improvement project, you must wear the safety goggles at all times. Also use them when clipping the grass with your lawn mower or handling a project that involves the use of chemicals or elements that are hazardous to the eyes.

Makeup is expensive. If you are like most people, you will not want to throw away your eye cosmetics until you have exhausted them completely. Eye makeup should be replaced after every three months. Using cosmetics that are older than this can lead to eye infections and nasty vision problems.

There are certain signs that would show a need for you to consult with an ophthalmologist. You must schedule an appointment if you notice changes in your vision or you suffer from eye dryness, redness or pains. Any concern that makes it hard for you to perform tasks like reading, driving or cooking should not be overlooked. An ideal practitioner can diagnose your concern and provide dependable treatment.

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