How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Stroke

By Jerry Ward

While stroke is considered a fatal medical condition, there are still preventive ways and treatment that can help. The best way to avoid from getting it is getting consulted and checked by a doctor who specializes in it. The sooner the condition is detected, the better the chances of getting it cured. When it concerns with Stroke Treatment Protocol, individuals must consult with their physicians to know the right treatments.

Individuals must understand the different symptoms of strokes to learn how to counter it. Taking appropriate measures is essential to save lives. If someone is experiencing the symptoms, they should seek out a medical treatment immediately. All the signs are indicators that a person is having stroke. Take note on the time when the symptoms have appeared in order to let the doctors know the accurate treatment procedure.

Reduce the salt intake. Reducing salt intake will lower the risk of developing any high blood pressure. This can be done by not sprinkling some salt on foods, rice water or pasta and purchasing canned products that claims to have low sodium. Inspect the ingredients which is found on the labels and see if there are salt contents being added especially processed goods.

CT scan or computed topography is a kind of imaging that specifically checks the brain and takes a detailed picture after a stroke has happen. Magnetic resonance imaging will check if there is any damages to the brain and can be used as conjunction with CT scans. Carotid angiography is the insertion of x rays, dyes and catheter to visualize the inside of carotid arteries.

Know the risks of diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes are expose to having a greater risk of getting a stroke because of many complications associated with diabetes. Suffering from diabetes will also be accompanied with high pressure, high cholesterol and other kinds of heart diseases. This will put you more at risk.

Eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. These foods have low fat yet very high in nutrients and vitamins. They can supply a lot of energy without any calories and excess fats. Exercising is the best way to reduce many disease and illnesses. Being physically active will greatly reduce the fats that are stored inside the body. It is recommended to do some exercises every day.

Take you family history and background into consideration. Some ethnicities are in danger compared to others. This is because of the varieties in physical and genetic attributes. Strokes usually affect the populace according to studies but some are just hereditary.

Control alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcoholic drinks will raise the blood pressure and improve the chances of getting strokes. If cannot be avoided, drink while keeping inside the recommended limitations. The most advisable alcohol intake for men is two drinks a day and one drink for women.

Individuals who think they are prone to the condition must consult a physician regularly. The sooner the symptoms are detected, the treatment will begin shortly and stop it from occurring or lingering. It is better to have everything checked out once the symptoms appear rather than waiting for it to get worst.

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