Handy Facts You Need To Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

By Jerry Ellis

Women who struggle with issues regarding ageing, pain, and discomfort down their privates may seek clinical help from doctors to help ease them from their worries. One of which includes a laser treatment that helps with collagen restoration. Here are some interesting facts about Mona Lisa Touch Los Angeles.

To start, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment can involve several options. However, this more or less refers to using various devices to improve the appearance and function of their genitals while also reducing pain. With so many options readily available, clients can opt for surgical and nonsurgical means which have their own share of advantages and disadvantages.

For noninvasive options, certain clinics offer a painless laser procedure that can be done in five minutes. Patients who are viable for this treatment may have vaginal atrophy where the tissue of their genitals weakens and thins out over time due to menopause or lack of estrogen. Regardless of its actual cause, its effects can be uncomfortable which can disrupt their daily lives.

Once new cells are formed this results in the formation of collagen. This component is responsible in making a skin firm and elastic thus giving it a tighter feeling. So far, several biopsies report that the vaginal wall epithelium becomes thicker and healthier thus improving atrophy symptoms which results in an elastic yet naturally lubricated vagina.

With these handy facts in mind, one can expect many benefits should they ever decide to go on with this treatment. The first of which is that it is quick and painless where each session ranges from five to thirty minutes depending on the severity of your condition. In most cases, clients are also expected to have follow ups to extend the lifespan of its effects.

For instance, women who undergone this treatment have reported various improvements in their sexual lives. This includes lubrication issues, pain during intercourse, their overall feelings or arousal and desire, and the fact that their orgasms were better. Considering that these women were unable to enjoy sex before, many of whom now claim to enjoy intimate moments with their partners around the twelfth week follow up.

Aside from sexual problems, CO2 lasers also improve urinary dysfunctions like incontinence. This refers to a person involuntarily releasing urine after physical movements like exercising and sneezing. Thanks to this treatment, many have reported their symptoms to have improved significantly.

These are just some improvements that patients have experienced once they were finished with their treatment. However, the downside would be that it is costly and is not usually covered by insurance agencies. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something noninvasive but effective, then this can be a great alternative for you.

Before scheduling an appointment for this procedure, consider consulting first with your gynecologist. Many of whom are more than happy to suggest clinics that can offer you effective sessions at a relatively affordable price. Plus during this appointment you can also ask for any suggestions to ensure that your recovery period sails on smoothly.

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