For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Long Island Is Worth Visiting

By Linda Edwards

Minimally invasive spine surgery is often written in short as MISS. It is another surgical technique that is done to the spine to assist in stabilizing the vertebral bones and spinal joint. This process also releases pressure that is exerted on the nerves of the backbone by disorders like spinal instability, spinal tumors, herniated discs bone spurs and scoliosis. When one needs Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Long Island offers the perfect location to visit.

There are several benefits that are associated with MISS operation than traditional surgery. First of all, this procedure can be performed faster because it does not invade the tissues, bones, muscles, and veins of the back a lot. Secondly, this process is safer and involves less recovery time. Recovery is faster because of the minimal trauma caused to soft tissues.

Smaller skin incisions that cause less scarring are involved in the process. At times, these incisions could be small such that they measure only 2 centimeters. Reduced intrusiveness also causes reduced loss of blood during the period of surgery. This decreases the possibility of any other medical condition that occurs because of loss of blood. The threat of infection and pain after operation is also at a lower level. Quick recovery results into reduced hospitalization and this translates into lower costs.

The surgery is normally performed as an outpatient process and local anesthesia is given to the patient. Using local anesthetics eliminates the risks linked to general anesthesia. Cases where patients do not respond well to general anesthesia are very many. After the procedure is performed, the necessity for pain medication is low and the amount of rehabilitation required is less too.

There are certain risks associated with this surgical procedure although it may seem to be very easy and with many benefits. No matter how less invasive and small a surgical process may be, one should understand that there are risks associated with it. However, MISS has less serious risks which only occur rarely. In case these risks occur, they can be handled with ease.

One of the risks is that the patient may react adversely to the local anesthesia that is administered a few second before the procedure is performed. Another risk is associated with blood loss. Even though this does not happen commonly, it is possible that the patient may suffer some unexpected loss of blood as the procedure is performed. Localized infections are also possible regardless of how small the incision area may be.

Also, there is danger of the procedure not being finished. This might necessitate another MISS procedure or a complete open surgery to be performed. This process can find use in treating many different conditions. Vertebral compression fractures, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, spinal tumors, spinal instability, herniated disc and spinal infections are the common ones.

Before one goes for this procedure, tests and evaluation need to be done to determine if they are suitable candidates. The determination of suitability of a person as a candidate involves talking to a doctor about the symptoms one is having. Prior treatment options that one has used will also be discussed. One will need to be open with the doctor.

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