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By Eric Evans

Eye test is vital as it is meant to assess the vision and check if there are and vision conditions that one may have. Exams are meant to be a preventive measure than they are curative. There are a few tools that are used in this procedure. The doctor may shine a bright light into the eye so as to see if any abnormalities exist. Patients are also required to look through various instruments such as lenses. When in search of Schedule Eye Exam Tulsa Oklahoma should be given priority.

Eye exam helps in detecting eye diseases while they are in early stages. This makes it possible to have early treatment as well. It is usually easy and possible to treat most diseases while in their early stages. Fully developed diseases are usually difficult to treat. Having regular eye checkups allows one to have their eyes treated early in case of any diseases. This prevents loss of sight in case one has some serious conditions.

There are usually three main professionals who can perform eye exams. They include ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. Which specialist one visits is a matter of personal preference, but it may also depend on the kind of condition one has. Ophthalmologists are the most trained of all the three specialists. Ophthalmologists can conduct complete eye exams, prescribe corrective lenses, diagnose and treat complex diseases, and perform eye surgery.

When one is visiting a specialist for the first time, they ought to expect to be asked various questions regarding their vision. The specialist will want to know both vision and medical history and also the eye tests and medication that the patient may be taking currently. People are here by encouraged to give genuine information to the specialists regarding their vision and medical history.

There are very many eye exams that can be conducted by a vision specialist. The common ones include eye muscle test, visual acuity test, refraction assessment, visual field testing, color vision test, slit-lamp test, and retinal examination. Eye muscle test is intended to evaluate the muscles that control movement of the eyes. In this test, one is made to watch a moving object as the doctor evaluates the muscles of the eyes.

To determine how clear the eyes see, visual acuity is performed. The patient is set to identify different alphabetical letters on a Snellen chart. Letters on the chart are of different sizes and the patient stays some distance away from the chart. Each eye is tested independently.

When light passes through the cornea and the lens in the eyes, it is bent in a process called refraction. When the light is refracted, it is focused on a particular spot on the retina before the light signals are sent to the brain for interpretation. In case the light does not focus well on the back of the eye, the condition is called a refractive error. Refractive error can be corrected using contact lenses, refractive surgery, or sunglasses.

Through the assessment of refractive error, the doctor is able to identify the most appropriate corrective glasses for the patient. Retinoscopy is the method used to conduct refractive assessment. Meanwhile, a phoropter can be used to provide prescription for the right corrective glasses to be used.

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