Finding Massage In Traverse City MI That Can Help Lower Heart Disease Risk

By Timothy Long

Across the globe, health experts say that the number one cause of death is none other than heart disease. The good news is that it's something that can be dodged effectively. In order to safeguard the entire cardiovascular system, one should avoid having a really stressful life. Such can be attained by regularly obtaining calming massage in Traverse City MI.

Heart disease has so many different known risk factors. Put simply, a risk factor is something that can raise a person's chance of being diagnosed with a health-related problem. Having more risk factors around translates to having increased odds of suffering from a medical condition.

Getting massaged on a regular basis can help deal with one of those risk factors, and that's having high levels of stress. The presence of too much stress hormones in the bloodstream can cause a person's blood pressure to increase. It's perfectly fine for the blood pressure to elevate every now and then, such as during exercise. However, it is a completely different story if it's constantly high even when the person is doing nothing physically draining or emotionally exhausting.

Hypertension is the term used by health experts to refer to a blood pressure reading that's always high. It is a condition that no one should take lightly because sooner or later it can harm the arteries, which are blood vessels that transport oxygen-containing blood. Damaged arteries are no longer capable of carrying out their job accordingly.

Being perpetually stressed is also something that can elevate the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. The problem can be worsened most especially because of stress eating. Someone who eats in order to attain comfort or happiness usually goes for unhealthy foods, including those that are loaded with bad cholesterol. Needless to say, it's something that can considerably raise the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

You don't want to be diagnosed with high blood cholesterol as it's something that can encourage plaque to accumulate in the arteries. Needless to say, it is a matter that can quickly lead to arterial clogging. Having clogged arteries is a really serious issue as it can keep your different organs from getting their supply of oxygen, health experts say.

Failure of the heart muscles to get enough oxygen is called a heart attack. On the other hand, failure of the brain tissue to obtain plenty of oxygen is referred to as a stroke. It's evident that having arteries that are significantly narrowed is a life-threatening matter most especially if immediate medical care is not obtained during a heart attack or stroke.

Being massaged by a professional regularly, sadly, is not really enough to keep heart disease at bay. There is no denying that it can help a lot, but other necessary steps have to be taken, too. Exercising on a regular basis and opting for healthy kinds of food are also important. Someone who is a cigarette smoker should turn his or her back on the nasty habit without delay. Experts say that alcoholic drinks should be consumed in moderation only.

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