Dodging Surgery Via Laser Peel Skin Treatment Maple Grove MN Local Residents Opt For

By Richard Fisher

Not all women consider dealing with various aging signs with the use of a scalpel. Fortunately for them, seeking the help of a plastic surgeon is not the only solution to eliminating the nasty effects of the passing of years on the face. Laser peel skin treatment Maple Grove MN dermatologists are providing can help restore youthfulness without surgery.

Wrinkles and fine lines can definitely leave beauty-conscious women sleepless. Their presence is a clear indicator that they have been on the planet longer than the rest. Nobody is impervious to getting older. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that everybody is willing to look old.

Dermatologists say that many different aging signs come into being because of a considerable drop in the amount of collagen. This type of protein is so important for the attainment of firmness. Teens have plenty of collagen, while older individuals do not have lots of it. Such is due to the fact that the process of aging causes a drop in the amount of collagen the body produces. It's for this reason exactly why wrinkles and fine lines are more common in women 30 years old and above.

However, the process of aging is not the only one to blame. Dermatologists say that getting too much sun is also a culprit. It's for the fact that the UV rays emitted by the sun can destroy available collagen. Because the body is unable to replace them with new ones immediately, the skin ends up saggy and looking aged, too. Needless to say, it is very important for a beauty-conscious woman to limit her exposure to the sun. Applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 during the day is definitely a very smart move.

Having an unhealthy life can also cause the process of aging to run faster than usual. That is why women who smoke tend to look so much older than those who are not into the unhealthy habit. Cigarette smoke is packed with toxins, many of which can prevent the skin cells from obtaining all the oxygen they need. Based on numerous studies, smoking is just like exposure to UV light as it can also cause available collagen to break down easily.

Being stressed all the time can also leave your face having lots of wrinkles. Dermatologists confirm that a stressful lifestyle can trigger inflammation, which is something that can speed up skin aging. Besides, being stressed can leave you craving sugary and fatty treats that can wreak havoc on your appearance.

In the past, undergoing the knife is the only solution available for fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to technological advancements, laser treatment came into being. Instead of using harsh chemicals, concentrated beams of light are employed to safely remove the topmost layer of a beauty-conscious woman's skin.

Many day spas are offering laser treatment. It can impress a lot since it removes damaged sections and at the same time boosts collagen production. Completing all of the recommended number of treatments is definitely a good idea. Such allows for the attainment of dramatic results minus the need for a beauty-conscious woman to lie on an operating table.

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