Discovering Training And Counseling With Manhattan Psychoanalysis

By Martha Gray

While most people can handle stress and return to a normal state of being, there are others whom need emotional support. When residing in Manhattan psychoanalysis is one of a number of options when it comes to treatment. For, individuals in need of such support often require psychotherapy or psychoanalysis in order to work through different issues.

After becoming aware of the ever changing mental health care environment which often features quick fixes and limited resources, programs like those offered at the Institute are essential in filling the gap left by many insurance companies. While this is the case, there is often a waiting list as the institute can only treat a limited number of low income clients per year.

The institute also offers education and training in a number of areas. When it comes to training, all courses are taught by respected mental health professionals, many whom also provide services at the institute. As such, individuals often receive some of the best training when participating in educational programs. After which, once certified and licensed to provide service, a number of students become staff members.

Four different programs of study are currently available at the institute. These include a twelve month program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a twenty four month program in trauma studies and a certificate program in psychoanalysis. Whereas, students often follow and assist senior mental health professionals during the training process. For, it has been well proved that hands-on training is often one of the best learning experiences.

Podcasts are another aspect of the institutes impact on society at large. For, there have been a number of podcasts aired over the last decade. While the bloggers most often peer review and review publications, there have also been some interesting conversations and commentary related to different aspects of the mental health field.

The institute also host a blog titled Analysis Now which offers posts by several well known authorities within the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic communities. Some of these include a recent post and discussion by Robert Levin, LCSW with regards to transference and counter-transference, a post from Debora M. Worth, LCSW which provides a response to a recent colloquium and a post from Steve Kirschner, LSCW with regards to psychoanalytic training in the world today and numerous other posts.

The institute also affords licensed mental health workers the opportunity to explore different forms of treatment at a huge discount. These services are often provided by advanced professionals in the mental health field. In most cases, the services are available to all individuals working in the field, including medical assistants and nurses whom work in a mental health environment.

Ultimately, the institute strives to provide the best psychoanalysis and psychotherapy services, education and training in New York. Whereas, the education and training program has been ranked as one of the best on the East Coast. As such, if interested in becoming a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst or trauma specialist, the institute has a lot to offer in these areas.

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