A Comprehensive Review On Dr Borimir Darakchiev

By James Campbell

So many types of doctors are available, and they all have their specialties. Therefore, you will always find a doctor that will treat the condition that you have. Dr Borimir Darakchiev is one of the few neurosurgeons in the world. He has positively impacted the lives of many people by extending a caring arm to them. This specialist was a former doctor in West Islip, NY. Also, he moved from a Therapeutic College in Varna in the year 1986. This doctor finished his residency program from the Cincinnati College and is currently working with the LI Neurological and Pain Experts. Also, he has partnered with the Northwell Southside Clinic. The following is a review of the doctor.

This expert is a clinical master and treats various issues associated with neurons. He thus treats brain tumors such as glioma, cerebrum metastasis auxiliary and malignant growths, meningioma, pituitary adenoma, and acoustic neuroma, among others. He is, therefore, a respected doctor that has been able to treat many neurological diseases.

Additionally, the doctor performs neurological imaging such as CT, MEG, X-rays, and PET. Any patients that have problems like hemorrhages, hydrocephalus, head, and spinal injuries, tumors, and other neurological diseases can consult this doctor. If there is any surgery to be done, the patients can discuss with the doctor and find a procedure that will be best for them. The expert works closely with other doctors to make sure that patients are treated accordingly.

This expert has ensured that all patients with neurological problems get help. Most nonsurgical procedures have been unsuccessful in the past, but this doctor, with the aid of other specialists, continues to find the best approaches to treat the patients. Also, this professional has partnered with nearby medical clinics to make sure that patients get the care and treatment they need.

This specialist has a significant commitment to his work. He is passionate and shows compassion to his patients. He understands their struggles and ensures that he does everything in his power to restore a smile on their faces. He is board-certified, which shows that he is well trained and qualified. Therefore, you can consult the doctor anytime you feel that you need an expert to assess you.

More so, this doctor has gained various distinctions and certifications during his career. He has, therefore, managed to write several neurological articles and journals. These articles and journals talk about the various methods of treating malignant brain and pituitary tumors as well as treating spinal fractures and stroke. Also, he works with the Weill Cornell Medical Center as a Neurological Surgeon assistant professor.

This expert has the experience to handle various complex medical and surgical procedures. He is readily available and can accompany other doctors to the operating rooms. In case of emergencies associated with spinal injuries or cerebrum, he responds quickly and helps to save the situation.

In case you have any condition that indicates that you need to see a spine and brain specialist, ensure you get the right information of the type of doctor to see. You can also contact this doctor and schedule an appointment to discuss the scope of your treatment.

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