Where To Go For Micronutrient Testing

By Patricia Peterson

You can find the trappings of a misnomer when talking about micronutrients. After all, the micro appellation can lead anyone to believe that these are relatively minor, negligible, and unimportant. However, that is very far from the case. These seemingly minute nutrients can actually make all the difference in your health and wellbeing. See about Micronutrient Testing San Francisco.

This procedure is imperative since the lack of vitamins and minerals can be very detrimental to body function and cause the development of health issues. However, micronutrient absorption is not an exact science, and that is what makes this tricky, since pretty much anyone can be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that they have abided so far with the recommended meal plans or some such. The problem, they might be little aware, can be down on their ability to absorb them.

Among the many factors that affect micronutrient absorption include genetics, lifestyle, age, and environment. Even when you have done all the elbow grease in sourcing healthy meals, you might not be going all the way through in processing and absorbing them, so the whole enterprise is still in vain. If your cells are already damaged, not equipped with the recommended antioxidant protection, then you might be at the receiving end of low micronutrient levels.

By going for a test, however, you will be able to clearly assess how well the micronutrients are functioning and evincing themselves. You can get a measure of this through a myopic look at your white blood cells. If you zero down this small, you will be able to get a measure of intracellular functions between amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other individual micronutrients.

Furthermore, you have the macro minerals. This appellation means that you need these in relatively large amounts. To enumerate some, you have calcium, potassium, magnesium, the whole shebang. The last one is important in the regulation of hundreds of chemical reactions inside the body, from cell signaling to energy production. Potassium, in its stead, is imperative in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure.

The most important benefit to be gleaned, however, is the fabrication of a treatment plan that is specific for an individual patient. This is of premium importance. After all, it is not unusual that people differ in their results with a point zero percentile to keep things different. That is all the more reason why plans should be kept discrete and different.

Nowadays, there are more accurate procedures for ones taking. In the past, blood work used to suffice. However, although they may show marginal results that may be dependent to an extent, they do not really show the whole scale of your nutrient deficiency. Therefore, you may still be missing out on the EXACT minerals and vitamins that you actually need.

Whatever the case, they are all definitive in the establishment of overall health. From the production of hormones and enzymes, up to slowing down the aging process, all the difference might just be a molecule away. They are undoubtedly necessary for the maintenance and protection of health.

The thing, though, is that it is nearly impossible for you to point out by yourself whether or not you have a micronutrient deficiency, until the adverse manifestations have presented themselves to the point of no return. When you dont do anything to fix it, then you are essentially putting your body in a strain that inhibits its optimal functions. All it takes is a simple blood test, and your provider, whether a physician, dietitian, or nutritionist, will then be able to take you down the right path.

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