Useful Information Regarding How To Treat Sleep Apnea

By Kevin King

Sleep apnea is a type of medical problem where the patient is unable to breathe temporally while sleeping. Closed airways are the ones that cause this condition. The severity of sleep apnea varies and it could cause serious disruption to the process of normal sleeping at its most severe levels. Therefore, the patient wakes up exhausted and it might cause poor performance in class or at work due to stress. This is worth knowing about How to treat sleep apnea.

The negative effects of sleep apnea make it necessary to have the problem solved as soon as it is diagnosed. There are several treatment options that one can opt for depending on factors such as the level of severity of the condition. Treatment can range from simple lifestyle changes to surgery. There are several factors that the doctor has to consider before they settle on a given treatment option.

CPAP therapy is among the commonest treatment options for sleep apnea. The technique involves a mask being worn by the patient when going to bed during the night. The name given to this mask is the CPAP mask and it should be worn each time one retires to bed at night. Modern models of these masks are increasingly becoming comfortable for use by patients.

One can also use oral sleep apnea treatment devices. These devices are usually worn in the mouth so that they can prevent airways from collapsing. This is achieved by these devices because they hold the tongue in position. Alternatively, these devices slide the jaw forward to allow the patient to breath while sleeping. These devices are recommended for individuals who have mild to moderate sleep apnea, but cannot use CPAP masks.

Surgery is also a treatment option that patients can go for. Mostly, the surgery is done so that extra tissues responsible for collapsing and blockage of airways when one is asleep can be removed. Some surgical procedures are very complex but most of them are minimally invasive. A different part of the mouth is targeted by every surgery. Some of these parts are the lower and upper jaws tongue, adenoids and tonsils, and soft palate and uvula.

It is relevant to ask some questions when one chooses to do surgery. Among the questions to ask is the rate of success involved with this approach. Being aware of the rate of success can assist an individual in deciding whether the approach fits them or not. One should also know all risks that are possibly associated with it and also the side effects as it is important.

Sleep apnea has also been proven to be caused by weight. Therefore, losing weight might assist one in improving or eliminating the symptoms of the problem. Being fat means the neck of the person is fat and has many extra tissues. The extra tissues are the ones that collapse and block airways. On might improve their sleeping considerably if they lose this extra tissues.

One can treat positional sleep apnea using positional therapy. It has been determined that some people experience sleep apnea when they are sleeping in certain positions such as the back. Thus, by changing the sleeping position, one can be able to return their breathing to normal and solve the problem easily.

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