Top Rated Orthodontist New York City Explains When To Get Your Kid Scheduled For The First Visit

By Brian Stewart

The majorities of parents are well acquainted with the age when a child should achieve certain milestones. The topic of when a kid should begin seeing an orthodontist is however highly debated upon. What you should know is that in the majorities of cases, pediatric patients visit an orthodontist New York City for several check ups before their first treatment.

According to top rated orthodontists, you need to schedule for the initial exam when your child turns seven years old. At this age, the expert can track teeth development processes that have occurred thus far. Issues like an incorrect bite and teeth misalignment need to be addressed in good time to reduce their impact.

When the kid is still young, this enables an orthodontist to use an interceptive approach and correct a concern before it gets out of hand. There are various dental appliances that can be used and it is not always necessary for a young patient to use braces at this point. The first appointment also involves checking out whether the jaw is growing properly and whether an adjustment plan is necessary for the permanent teeth that are beginning to grow in.

There are concerns that can be effectively corrected through an interceptive approach. They include cross bites, overcrowded teeth and protruding teeth. The main treatment will even so start once your kid is between 9 and 14 years of age. Treatment may also be delayed if more time than expected is needed for your child to develop permanent teeth. Orthodontic treatments can come in handy when addressing common childhood issues like thumb sucking, mouth breathing and teeth grinding.

Orthodontists specialize in addressing misalignment of the teeth and jaw. Treatments afford patients better dental health and more appealing smiles by addressing spacing problems and even improper bites. During treatments, a specialist can use a range of appliances including jaw-repositioning appliances, removable or fixed space maintainers, aligners and braces.

Orthodontics offers not only physical health benefits, but also emotional ones. A proficient specialist can use appliances to gently move jaws and teeth and keep muscles in place to prevent jaw discomfort, bite problems, dental pain and other problems that stem from incorrect dental or jaw alignment. Properly aligned teeth make chewing comfortable not to mention that they are easier to clean and this makes patients less vulnerable to gum disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

Some of the emotional benefits offered by orthodontics include an enhanced appearance that can boost both self-confidence and self-esteem. When the jaws and teeth are perfectly aligned, this creates symmetry between the lips and this drastically improves the appearance of the face of a patient. Feeling more attractive and confident about your smile is good for your soul.

You need to do a keen research to find a proficient and reliable orthodontist. An ideal expert will get you into a customized plan that can help correct a range of dental issues. Proper treatments can make your smile more appealing, healthier and more functional.

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