To Study Acupuncture Canada Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Gary Kelly

Acupuncture has been in existence for a long period as a traditional means of treatment. The origin of this method is ancient Chinese Medical system. The system has been adopted in the western world recently and that has been ongoing. The adoption of this system in the US and other western countries keeps growing as research more is done about the technique. When one needs to study acupuncture Canada offers the perfect location to visit.

More studies expose the medical advantages the human body gains from acupuncture. The increase in studies has also made improvements in technology in this area. The type of tools, techniques and equipment used seem to be changing slowly. To make the process more effective, the human anatomy is studied.

This method often makes use of very thin needles that are inserted into the body at special points. These points are believed to be the routes of flow of qi energy. Qi energy is believed in ancient Chinese medicine as the force of life that ensures that all systems of the body are in harmony and properly functional. If imbalance is caused to the flow of this energy is when illness occurs.

Hence, acupuncture needles are supposed to restore the normal flow of qi energy in order for one to regain their health. These needles are inserted at different depths depending on where on the body they are being inserted. It is estimated the body has about 350 different acupuncture points that the needles can be inserted.

Scientifically, it is worth knowing that there is no proof of the existence of acupuncture points on the body. In fact, it is hard to prove if these points exist or if they do not. However, some research indicates that this treatment system works for some medical conditions. Neuroscience has been used to explain this treatment by some experts. These experts believe that acupuncture points are places in the body where connective tissues, muscles, and nerves can be stimulated.

Various medical conditions can be cured by use of acupunctural treatment. A number of conditions that are claimed to be treatable by the same include migraine, osteoarthritis, knee pain, low back pain and neck pain. Scientific proof, however, has not yet come into existence concerning the claim above. The WHO has nonetheless made a list of some conditions curable through acupuncture.

The curable conditions include sprains, facial pain, tennis elbow, dental pain, some gastric conditions, chemotherapy, high blood pressure and painful periods. In addition, the WHO suggests that acupuncture may be used to treat other conditions, but continues to insist that more evidence regarding its efficiency in these cases is required. Examples of the conditions include drug addiction, vascular dementia, Tourette syndrome, whooping cough, stiff neck, spine pain, fibromyalgia and neuralgia.

When this treatment is performed correctly, it should be safe for a wide range of patients. However, the safety depends on the person who is performing it. It is key to select an expert in this process. Side effects related to the process are also minimal. In most cases, this process is combined with other kinds of conventional treatment.

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