To Specialists In Find Macular Degeneration Bethesda Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Virginia Howard

In the United States, the leading cause of visual loss among older citizens is a macular degeneration. Since the US is composed of an aging population, it is estimated that the number of people who are affected by this disease will increase. Macular degeneration (MD) refers to the deterioration of the macula region of the eye. This is a small central region of the eye responsible for controlling visual acuity. It is found on the retina. When in need of curing macular degeneration Bethesda should be visited.

The human eye is only capable of reading, recognizing faces, and doing any other task that requires seeing fine details if the macula is in good health. A study in the US reveals that Americans who are aged 40 and above have some level of macular degeneration. MD is more prevalent among older white population, with 14 percent of white Americans who are above 80 years of age being affected.

There are two principle diagnosis of MD, that is, wet or dry degeneration. Dry MD is additionally alluded to as non-neovascular MD whereas wet MD is alluded to as neovascular MD. The term neovascular is utilized to allude to the development of fresh vessels of blood in a zone such as the macula where they are normally not required to grow.

According to statistics, the dry MD is more common than the wet one. Actually, all diagnoses consist a percentage of 85 to 90 of the dry MD. The wet MD usually causes more severe damage in comparison to the dry form. In both forms of the disease, the part that is usually affected is central vision thus causing direct blind spots ahead.

There are a number of factors that contribute to dry MD but the main factors include thinning and aging of the muscular tissues. The tissues usually store pigment in the muscular as they age and thin. This form of MD may also be caused by age and it mostly occurs in older people. Also, the condition may strike youngsters when the macular begins to thin.

The dry form of the condition does not always cause vision loss that is as severe as the one caused by wet MD. However, it can cause degradation of retinal cells over a period of many years. This later causes equally severe loss of vision. At the moment, dry MD does not have any FDA-approved treatment even though a few drugs are in clinical trial stages.

Studies that are underway indicate that the risk of dry MD advancing to wet MD can be reduced by consuming a diet rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. However, the studies have not demonstrated if nutritional supplements have any preventive effects of MD in general. Other ways that were suggested for preventing the development of MD are wearing sunglasses, exercising, and eating healthy diet.

According to studies, 10 percent of dry MD progress into wet MD. Wet MD occurs when new blood vessels start to grow underneath the retina. As they grow, they start to leak blood and fluid. The leaking blood and fluids destroy retinal cells that are responsible for vision. As such, permanent loss of vision and development of blind spots occur to central vision.

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