Tips For Choosing The Facelift Houston That Is Right For You

By Brenda King

Cosmetic surgery can help you revitalize the appearance of your face. Before you schedule for a procedure, consider the concerns that you want to address and get to know the options you have. Normally, face lifts are labeled upper, mid and lower. You must understand the potential outcome of each type of procedure for you to make a choice from an informed viewpoint. When intending to schedule for a facelift Houston can offer you a reliable number of highly regarded cosmetic surgeons.

An upper face lift refers to an operation that focuses on the upper most area of your face beginning from the corners of your eyes going upwards. This kind of procedure was first called a brow lift mainly because it tightens saggy skin around the brow area and removes forehead wrinkles. After the surgery, your eyes will seem brighter and livelier.

In case your cheeks appear droopy and you would want them to return to a more natural position, then you should get scheduled for a mid-face lift. Addressing droopy cheeks can take a good number of years off your face and also give you a pleasant smile. The operation would mainly focus on the area between the corners of the mouth and those of your eyes.

Any issues with the area below the corners of the mouth can be addressed through a lower facelift. In this case, the surgeon can address laugh lines and also give your jaw a more defined shape. Although surgeons normally focus on a particular type of surgery at a go, you can request for a combination of facelifts for you to enjoy comprehensive changes.

There are facts you should know before you get under the knife. A reliable surgeon will only get you scheduled for an operation after you have met for consultation. One of the first things that will happen is that your medical fitness for a facelift will be evaluated. If you are eligible for a procedure, you must prepare for it for about six weeks. Your surgeon will need you to remain hydrated at all times, eat plenty of vitamins and minerals and also quit smoking.

During the surgery, you will be anesthetized before the specialist makes the needful incisions, based on the kind of procedure you want. Incisions can be made on along the hairline, under the chin, around the ears or the lower scalp. This allows for sculpting or moving around of facial fat to create a smooth surface. The surgeon can also lift the loose muscles before pulling the skin over the new contours and removing any excess.

Any excess skin will be removed and the incision sites closed with sutures. The experts will then tie your face with a bandage to reduce the risk of swelling and bruising. There are special small tubes that may be used to remove excess blood and generally keep the sites tidy.

Before you leave the hospital, your surgeon will provide some special instructions. They are meant to ensure that your recovery process is as fast and as smooth as possible. You will then need to go back to the clinic in about a week to get the stitches removed. Your surgeon may also recommend follow-up appointments for the next couple of months.

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