Thinking Of Visiting A Waco Obgyn For The First Time? Important Questions To Ask

By Jennifer Hayes

After you find out that you are pregnant, you will need to schedule a checkup with the gynecologist when you are eight or nine weeks into the pregnancy. During the visit to the obstetrician, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you might be having about the pregnancy as well as birthing procedure. The soon to be mums face the daunting task of identifying the right questions to ask their Waco Obgyn. These are some of the important questions that you need to get answered to make the most out of this visit.

Every soon to be mom should ask the gynecologist on the non-prescription drugs that are safe for consumption during this period. As you progress through each trimester, you may experience symptoms such as heartburn and headache that can only be eased using non-prescription drugs. You should be provided with information on the medicines that do not pose any serious side effects to pregnant women.

It is important that you ask the doctor if it okay to have the cramp feeling or to bleed during pregnancy. The gynecologist will most likely tell you that cramping and spotting during the first semester is normal because of the implantation and growth of the fertilized egg in the uterus. However, he will advise you to contact the doctor if the bleeding or cramping is persistent because this could be a sign of infection or ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnancy is associated with an increase in bodyweight. However, there is a limit to the weight that every pregnant woman should gain. This is an important question that you need to ask during the first appointment. The obstetrician will calculate your BMI to determine the weight that needs to be gained during the trimester. On each subsequent appointment, they will measure your weight to see if you are within the range of recommended bodyweight.

Most of the pregnant women usually ask the gynecologist whether exercise is okay. It is important for you to note that staying active during this period plays an important role in your health and that of your baby. Exercising also helps to ease the pregnancy symptoms such as anxiety and water retention. The doctor will provide you with a list of the fitness activities that are safe for the pregnant women.

Vaccination is an important aspect in pregnancy. At each stage of pregnancy, there are certain vaccinations that you need to be given to enhance the health of the baby and your overall health. It is important that you ask the gynecologist to provide you with a list of these vaccinations and when they should be administered. Some of the common vaccines that you will receive during pregnancy include influenza and Tdap.

Estimates show that one out of three soon to be moms undergo a caesarean section when giving birth to their babies. It is important that you discuss on your likelihood of undergoing this procedure when giving birth to your baby. Your gynecologist will outline the various risk factors that can increase your chances of undergoing a C-section.

Every pregnant woman needs to consider having these questions at their fingertips when they visit the gynecologist for the first time. These questions address most of the challenges that women face during this period and it is important that you get the right answers to these questions.

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